Fall Lipsticks 2014


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All darkness and redness you need for Fall can be chosen from these color shades. A little bit brighter or darker. Lipstick is another beauty product that you would discover a big amount of them on budget. I have created perfect glamorous look based on these lip colors.


From the orange undertone up to the dark berry; a sneak pick of nude brownish effect; These are more wearable fashionable lipsticks for Fall and Winter. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have enough fun with colors and bright pinks, coral and sheer nude. Basically, makeup is a way to lift the mood, so whenever you feel that you need; Just commit that.


All are from the top based on the photo below:

1. Rimmel London- Lasting finish lipstick-Paradise 050

2. Rimmel London-  Lasting finish lipstick Metallic-Shimmer 046

3. Rimmel London- Moisture Renew- Burgundy Luster 540

4. Rimmel London- Lasting finish Lipstick- Alarm 170

5. L’real Color Riche- Red Passion 297

6. Rimmel London- Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick 12

Fall+ Lips+ by+ www.tobelikealady.com



Sexy Sunday Brand Review


Happy Monday! I hope you all have started  your week with nice feelings. In this post you will see one of my favorite Sunday Looks. This post have been published on my Fashion and Beauty blog. I did some changes on the blog’s appearance; I really would like to know your opinion about its look. You can also follow the blog on Twitter and Instagram as  @tobelikealady



Sunday means most comfortable clothes! But Sexy either. How you can make a simple top as sexy as possible. We want more, a touch of feminine. Having so much signs of elegance in your outfit. In result, you see if there is an outfit with all the said standards, it will empower you and your life, your confidence about how you look. I know, I know everything starts from inside, nevertheless who can deny the power of clothes!





You might be surprised with Spring/ Summer collection in the beginning of Fall. In tropical climate your airy cool cotton pieces are always in. It never gets cold here to not be able to wear such these kind of collections.


I have to mention another important issue about the Interviews and Brand reviews post that non of these are sponsored or paid post.

White Mini Dress










Today I am here again with another Posts of www.tobelikealady.com 


White Cotton, White Chiffon, White jeans, White fluffy fabrics; all kind of white materials. I adore all. To me it is impossible to imagine a person who his/her wardrobe is growing without white pieces. It is a symbolic winter color and a trick and either solution for summer. You can have it and be sure it is the proper season color all around the year.





I am in love with this mini dress. I chose it immediately from the racks in Perinolahg Boutique on shooting day. As You know and may have seen the previous posts of Perinola Brand here and here; Also the interview with Helena Gil founder of Perinola, my beautiful model Shantal Kleiner is flawless in this outfit. The information you need to follow is down below:

Model: Shantal Kleiner

Her Instagram: Shantalina

Photography, Styling, makeup and hair by http://www.tobelikealady.com,

Instagram: Tobelikealady

Twitter: @tobelikealady

Email: belikealady@gmail.com

The Brand on Instagram: Perinolahg

If I am a Long Day Out


This Post is also one my recent works which has been published on www.tobelikealady.com ( My fashion and beauty blog); You can follow the blog on Instagram and Twitter as: @tobelikealady

If+ I +am +a +Long+ Day+ out+ by www.tobelikealady.com

What is inside your beauty bag for a long day out? Everyone has own especial pieces based on what you face most. Oily areas need a powerful controller. Mine is Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place powder in color 2W1. It’s been one of my birthday presents this year. It came with nice mirror which comes so handy to check any mess during the day.

Tissue! You never know when and in the middle which situation you may need tissue! Tearful moments, coffee drops on your outfit, sneezing and next million possibilities. Always, have a pocket size of them.

Antibacterial gel. I talked enough about this Spray here.

A clean sponge! For ever is the absolute favorite applicator for the concealer I will say next.

Maybeline Fit Me concealer! The lovely on budget friendly. The equal version of NARS Radiant creamy concealer one with the almost the same packaging. Few spots of the product will definitely take your dark tired face of a long day of running eye makeup drops down and dehydration to the next level. Level of looking healthy and fresh.

Rimmel London- Lasting Finish by Kate. No 17 I never take the risk of bold lips when have no time for lip liner repairing and drawing. So the most safe way is to carry on a sheer lipstick to polish everything, lead the all attentions to your eyes not the bottom part of your face.

The Final Part: Choose a Fun Makeup bag/Pencil case!!!!

Two New Loves By La Roche Posay


This Post is also one my recent works which has been published on www.tobelikealady.com ( My fashion and beauty blog); You can follow the blog on Instagram and Twitter as: @tobelikealady

Drugstore alternatives are always the best news for skincare lovers. Watching the results which are appearing is another joy that you know, I know but it is impossible to describe. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking for an eye cream because I ran out of my expensive one and as you may have been there too, sometimes the unexpected expenses over the budget surprise you, Then no way except reduction in your shopping!

Well, This situation means less expensive but I still need a good one! This Eye cream by La Roche-Posay is called Active C YEUX EYES, Corrective Dermatological Care For Wrinkle. This is the good one I was talking about. Absolute hydrating and calming. It is like the gel but thicket and richer. It absorbs easily and a perfect eye makeup primer. The amount of the product is 15ml. It is actually is a normal size for eye cream but it seems to me more! I don’t know why!

Active+ C+ eye+ cream +and +EFFACLARA+ LaRochePosay+ review +by www.tobelikealady.com

For two first weeks of October I have had the most horrible days with breakouts. But this Formula helped me with minimizing the irritation and the size of them. after few days of applying that directly and exactly on the areas everything got better. This cream is not the one to rub on the surface of your skin. You must use that exactly on the target. It is called La Roche-Posay EFFACLARA A.L. Trageted breakout corrector, Paraban free. The amount is as same as the eye cream. But in this one it not enough for a long period of time and right now I am almost half through.

Chiffon Top and Golden Print Skirt


This Post is also one my recent works which has been published on www.tobelikealady.com ( My fashion and beauty blog); You can follow the blog on Instagram and Twitter as: @tobelikealady

The Look that you see is from Spring/ Summer 2014 collection by Perinola. Let me tell you a bit about the beautiful points of the pieces I have put together. A see through chiffon top has some details which add an edgy accent to it. The basic developed inspiration on the current Perinola collection is The Pompones. In other word, the Main Dress of this collection that is so versatile has been powered by this smart decoration called “Pom pones” That I will write about it in the future post.

Perinola + Brand+ review+ by+www.tobelikealady.com

Perinola + Brand+ review+ by+www.tobelikealady.com

Perinola + Brand+ review+ by+www.tobelikealady.com

Perinola + Brand+ review+ by+www.tobelikealady.com

Perinola + Brand+ review+ by+www.tobelikealady.com

The “Pompones bands” are on the chest on this top . I did get the advantage of it as a Body Jewelry. The same color of bands helped with creating a complex visionary beauty. Actually a wide waist of the skirt is an effective part of it. Gold color is one of those that goes with all skin colors and says the glamour story about the look. The result of the combined pieces is an absolute effortless view of the Body.

Perinola + Brand+ review+ by+www.tobelikealady.com


Top and Skirt from Perinola Spring/ Summer Collection 2014

Photography, Styling, Makeup and Hair by http://www.tobelikealady.com

Model: Shantal Kleiner

Follow the Brand on Instagram as Perinolahg

Follow Shantal Kleiner on Instagram as Shantalina

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She Wears Perinola


This post published on my Fashion and Beauty Blog about two weeks ago. I am so happy to share that here with you. You can follow me on Instagram: @tobelikealady




Helena Gil


I really like to write an intro for the interview but it is truly detailed. Her brand is called Perinola! The boutique is actually a very beautiful cozy house with an amazing garden. She says:  My name is Helena Gil, I was born the 24th February 1989 in Caracas, Venezuela. I studied in the Merici Academy, afterwards I went to Paris for 6 months to study French Civilization, and I came back to Caracas to study Liberal Arts in La Universidad Metropolitana. During my education I participated in the Model United Nations, in the college newspaper as a writer, and in other extracurricular activities. I have more questions and she is going to answer them:

Perinola + Interview + by+ www.tobelikealady.com


What made you to start the Perinolahg boutique?

I always say that my mother had to do a lot with my creativity. I started designing my cloth when I was 15, and continued doing that till I was 19 when I met one of the woman who works with me currently making the cloth. When I met her, I realized I can convert my hobby into a career.  So I started to create my own brand called Perinola. Perinola, refers to a traditional game. Our philosophy is to be authentic, play with your clothes, express yourself and be free.

Who does choose the patterns?

I do all the selecting stuff, and designing.  I have another friend who helps me with the sales, and another one who works exclusively with the sales in the other stores.

Perinola+ Interview+ by+ www.tobelikealady.com

Tell us about the producing process?

I work with a group of seamstresses who sew at their homes or at their own workshops.

What kind of equipment do you need?

I buy the Tie Dye Fabrics that we create our own and unique patterns. The artist who makes it for us is a specialist in Batik and Tie Dye technique with almost 40 years of experience. For all the process we need swing machines, irons, cutting tables, needles, etc.

Why do you think it is necessary to start your business in this age?

Right now we are dealing with one of the biggest crisis in Venezuela. Every day it gets more difficult to import, so anything which is made in Venezuela is more profitable. The challenge is to keep going, in such difficult country, where everything you want to accomplish is harder than anywhere else.

Which brand, you are inspired by?

I’m inspired by EPK, a Venezuelan chain store has kids clothing line. They produce a “high” quality, nice designed products with an affordable price.

Your favorite brands? Besides Perinola, underground, unknown brands. For example, I have this vintage, lace, nude dress I bought in a flea market, which I love.

Who is the most inspiring designer to you? CarolinaHerrera, because she knows how to keep her own and personal touch but she updates and renew her brand constantly.

Where do you see the Venezuelan Fashion industry in the future? It is difficult to say that right now, most of our talents immigrate to other countries, seeking for better opportunities and quality of life. But if we present our performance in the international fashion industry we will accomplish a lot. For instance, CarolinaHerrera, Ángel Sanchez. So I wish, in the future, we could have the talented designers here in Venezuela developing  their own land.

What are your future plans to expand your brand?

My future plans for Perinola is to have a representation in all states of the Venezuela and continue expanding the brand throughout the other countries. Right now we sell in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Miami and Venezuela.

Perinola+ Interview+ by+ www.tobelikealady.com


What do you do in a daily routine?

I do everything, the secret is to stay focused and organized. I design, I monitor the production, make sure it’s on time and well done, the PerinolaLovers come to the boutique, we call our clients,  doing the accounting and financial controls. I organize fashion the events, I do all the marketing and the publicity of the brand…

Which pieces are your favorites from the current collection? The Vestido de Pompones, because is multifaceted, and highlights the best part of your body, and the Tie Dye robe, because it is unique fresh, Boho and super original.

Perinola+ Interview+ by +www.tobelikealady.com

You can follow her latest collection on INSTAGRAM as: Perinolahg

Interview, Photography, Styling, Makeup and Hair by http://www.tobelikealady.com

Model: Shantal Kleiner (On Instagram: Shantalina)