How to cure homesick


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I know what does it mean and some how I have over come! My first month after marriage started by saying good bye to my country, family and friends. Although I am so happy to experience the world, languages and cultures, I feel something which is hard to define.I just know how to cure them. The firs step is not to suppress that.

Embrace that:

Now you are in the stage to be a doctor for your memories and emotions. It doesn’t matter how much you hate the home or even how much you are enthusiastic to adventure; The matter is that the inside pieces strengthen as you get further.

Secondly, take something with you:
What is more fun; the part reminds you the best days. I always have mine. It is a moon as you see. My mom bought me a Barbie who was laid on that when I was nine; we lived in the south in Iran, in Abadan. After eight years of military conflict between Iran and Iraq, the city was a whole mess. Infection, illness, lacking of essential products and so many more… Having a Barbie was a paradise in the hell. I remember it was really expensive… Any way, it reminds me, family, childhood dreams and love.


how to cure homesick by tobelikealady

Barbie’s Moon

How to cure homesick by

Barbie’s Moon

My husband takes his mocks! So fantasy and in the same time his love to American classic cars, especially those which are from 70th decade!


How to cure homesick by

His Mock

Keep in touch:
these days a free phone call by smart phones is way easier than calling for pizza delivery at your door. so do that!
These easy simple steps are on top of what I do based on my experience to be happy and overcome all horrible emotions caused by distance.


Fit Day


I couldn’t go to gym yesterday. My energy level was so low and really wasn’t able to handle it. It was n’t a fun day at home and suffered from hypothyroidism side effects in my life.

Today I am preparing myself to go. I ate my pre-work out meal and ready to go.


Personal life


Writing about the personal life is a serious issue if you look at it as a fun or telling a story even. Why is that an issue?

Because to explain reasons and is inside part of the decisions is not always easy to do. When I am talking about the anxiety, happiness, sadness; all these are a general pattern to come the emotions into the words however it does  usually turn into more mysterious attack!




Hello Everyone



I got back to Caracas, from Iran. It was winter, cold, rainy, snowy and freezing. I had so much fun there with friend, family and even lonely walking. I did couple of medical check up. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism; Under active thyroid 😦 and some joint issues. I take pills everyday and try to think positive.

And thanks so much for supporting me by visiting my blog during my absence. It means a world to me.



I don’t know how to manage my feeling; between my depression, wishes, future programs, daily tasks… I am struggling now.


Spring has just started.

my spring flowers

my spring flowers


I have been read a bunch of book

First one you can see it here on my instagram Here.

Second one




Next book was about Frida Kahlo, her life and art.

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2014 wish


I’m so sad. Feelings like being insecure and no way to start and go to the end. We are always moving in a new place.  As a child, because of my dad’s job we lived in different places.  It irritated me so much. I loved my friends and school; neighbors and my room.  I always wished to stay and never change the things. Surprisingly, my life after marriage is the same because of my husband’ s job. In some points it sounds a perfect lifestyle to see several cities and countries; to know more about others, cultures,  learning a new language or even try delicious foods. Nevertheless, what I need most is “to have a permanent home”; no matter if we travel a lot, the matter is I want to have a permanent book shelves, shower, bed and a corner to keep my cute memorable priceless collection of everything. From photos to handmade hats! I am tired of losing my stuff, of leaving them at relatives’ cabinet, of forgetting thousands of details which disappear in terrible unorganized status… :((
Whish to know the last or at least a permanent destination for a while in 2014.

Please, help.


I would rather to talk to someone who can help me and present me a solution for those I couldn’t do of my bucket list. I feel sad, angry, regretful because of my empty spaces in my life.& I’m not talking about dream ones; it’s about the essential issues; I have seen a group of people who follow my blog although I never thought about even ten people who being interested in the reading what I post especially for the English grammar errors; so when the fact is different from my thought I would rather to hear from you guys to tell wether you know any magic or non magic ways to fill the gaps in the bucket list. It is officially a help request which I necessarily need.



I saw the notification which says I have started 5 years ago here, began blogging on! The feeling is something extraordinary and unexpected because today I have a combination I what I felt 5 years ago in the same day!

A Little bit of lacking of self-confidence, and inside fight; a huge struggle with world I live in and around! All, remind me that something never change even if many years pass and what make me sad is the wrong choices.

Oh… It is a long story about wrong choices, hard time that I passed and many more.

This emotions which suppress the self-confidence, my goal and the shit condition I always am in and never let me do what I really wish.

I am sure that any one can enjoy reading this post, as it is a mess! it is the result of an unsuccessful mind, heart, personality and further more a Person!