First night of New Year


Tonight is the first night of New Year.
  I am laying on my bed and try to sleep but the sound of huge explosions are like the most horrible way to celebrate an event. I hate the explosion sound because I was born and spent my early childhood years during the military war between Iran and Iraq. I could not have forgotten those horrible situations so far.
I think palying music and dancing is what we all need.


“Ehsan Yarshater” 90th Birthday Tribute


Ehsan Yarshater” is the most amazing Iranian person I have ever seen. I don’t why i cry while i am watch his interviews. He is the leader of Iranica Encyclopedia. He is 93 years old, but he works as same as a 18 years old person.


 I cannot explain what he has been doing so far; his effort has  formed this great Iranian heritage.

Ehsan Yarshater


Encyclopedia Iranica

THANK YOU SO MUCH,  i hope to meet you someday.


This is short part of his 90th birthday: