El Hatillo


El Hatillo is a nice place about twenty minutes away from Caracas. It is historical village. You can see so many tourists or people who hang out there to have a calm nice sunny Sunday. Surprisingly, I felt more safety there than Caracas. What I saw was a bunch of nice handcrafts, a two hundred years old church and so many cozy Cafe and restaurant. We had lunch id “Gordo” which is the eldest restaurant there and honestly the most delicious traditional Venezuelan food I have tried so far.

The first place we saw was a local store, the owner was real kind lady that explained alot about the history behind the El hatillo and so many other details about the past.


Morrocoy National Park # 2


I posted shortly about our trip to “Morrocoy National park”. I would like to mention the most horrible parts of the trip which was THE HOTEL and as all meals and drinks were included so it got  worse and worse. It was called “Venetur” which is indicated to Venetur Association.

unfortunately, I was so sad because i could not take my dog there and the awful services so i took just few photos not as enough to show the real disaster.

First of all, i noticed there is no towel in room as we entered, and it took a while to bring them in addition, those towels were changed just for two first days.

The food and drinks were as low quality as possible. beside so so so dirty restaurant.