My view; How Do You Feel?


Tropical trees

What I see every morning

I really love sharing the view I see everyday. It is also an important part where I live in to me. There are an inner viewer who needs to smells outside and tells, yeah! today is a good day, because we can see beauties. I was scrolling my post and I noticed there are several post with my window view and thought why not to share the new one. If you visit my blog which is nice of you and I am grateful; please let me know how do you feel by looking at the photos? Do like to have the same view or there is a much better one by your window? ( I have used too much window and view on this post 🙂 )

Trees and more trees

Pure rainy weather





Tropical rain


It is what I love about the tropical climate in Venezuela. Rain and rain, harsh, hard and heavy.

The street is named Los Palos Grandes; Actually, a neighborhood. I really like it.