bucket list activities #1


when it is the first days of new year, everyone start to post about their wishes, goals and make a bucket list them.
Unfortunately, as life goes by daily exhaustive things we all forget the bucket list! And the most disappointing part is the December and a half undo list.

I am deeply scared of this horrific shoot. ( I imagin myself with the above said situation).
Therefore, I started the process.  During my trip to Iran I did a part of my medical tests which the result wasn’t that good but at least I did a part of my to do tasks and now I have a clear health status. I did the thyroid test via blood exam, scans… I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism ; the underactive type. I take the one tablet each day before breakfast and must give blood test every two months.

The next important subject to change is the shape of my body. lately fitness has been missed In my life. I mean it has had no permenant presence in my days. I hired a personal trainer. this week is my third week of my fit days.
I wanted to write about it sooner but I needed to investigate myself, watch out my attempt and many more personal deminsions related to working out.  today I found myself a more stable person to stick to the ” getting six pack ab this year”, so I mentioned it. ūüôā

My private Spanish class will start tomorrow.  I’ll report how it goes on. Being a perfect speaker in other languages is really amazing. I would like to know more about the Spanish to be able to speak easier and write my beauty and fashion blog posts without any mistakes.

Reading books, I was so angry and hopeless about my intellectual side of my mind! and knew most of it is because I close all books and have no cultural activities. I mentiined befoere the books I have read so far and which one am reading now. I update my reading status in Goodreads website to monitor my movement clearly.


Personal life


Writing about the personal life is a serious issue if you look at it as a fun or telling a story even. Why is that an issue?

Because to explain reasons and is inside part of the decisions is not always easy to do. When I am talking about the anxiety, happiness, sadness; all these are a general pattern to come the emotions into the words however it does  usually turn into more mysterious attack!




I am here, is someone there?


Hey people. I have been thinking about a topic for years? Why people are not faithful while they have a relation with other person ? It may cause if lacking of truth and god feeling. But whatever is the main reason I am kind of… I have no idea how to tell… I can not trust others. I always think the others will leave me soon or late.
I have the fear inside. The fear of being alone in this world. However I started doing different types of things to deal with my loneliness.

My Hands


These are my hands. I always look at everyone’s hands carefully. In subway, in¬†restaurant, shopping mall, in any office I enter; waitress, sale assistance, fool people, brave people, selfish, thoughtful, kind and etc. Every single personality belongs an especial type of hands and fingers. I think so. the hands help me understand something even tiny and silly about others.

I love looking at hands.

my hands with new nail polish

I am waiting and sitting inside the kitchen,


I am waiting and sitting inside the kitchen, I am writing and reading in the same time because I guess maybe I would not have a chance more tomorrow to do anything else except laughing as a stupid mankind, dancing, drinking and answer really silly questions about how i did take my dog to another country.

A pan and a pot are heating on the stove and my husband is gaming. I several times have taught about starting writing novel again after many years. But I should be realistic; I mean the environment and the available facility and the most important piece of this puzzle actually having a great teacher are those I do not have, right now. As same as the past. In contrast writing is such a permanent desire that I never have been able to give it up. I really feel I stuck.

I know even my posts this blog are awful from the beginning till the end. But there is no way it is all my best to be in touch with writing.