going to Iran

Mount Damavand, Iran.

Mount Damavand, Iran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have not shown up recently because I’ve been busy with preparing myself and organize things to travel to Iran. I am so happy and excited.

I know that being away for a year is not a long time even though there are millions of people who have been away since many years ago; I wish you all be able to visit your home as soon as possible. It may you and I never can have the same opportunity in our home but several reasons attract us and cause to be there again. It does not matter if the Tehran is polluted or all people stuck in traffic jam for hours, it does not matter if hardly there is pure drinking water in south; we all love the Home.

So I am thinking about a long to do list which contains going to the different places, cities, museums,  visiting friends and family; to buy some things essential to stay alive for us(Iranian) such as Iranian tea, Iranian special chopped dried leaves, nuts, Nabat(rock candy) , etc.

wish me luck, however I don’t believe in wish.



“Ehsan Yarshater” 90th Birthday Tribute


Ehsan Yarshater” is the most amazing Iranian person I have ever seen. I don’t why i cry while i am watch his interviews. He is the leader of Iranica Encyclopedia. He is 93 years old, but he works as same as a 18 years old person.


 I cannot explain what he has been doing so far; his effort has  formed this great Iranian heritage.

Ehsan Yarshater


Encyclopedia Iranica

THANK YOU SO MUCH,  i hope to meet you someday.


This is short part of his 90th birthday:



Iran & two victories


Iran confirmed its participation in the 2014 football world cup!

It is so cool and that is why we are really happy. The people are celebrating in all cities. My brother called me few minutes ago and told me they are on the beach; dancing, playing music and having fantastic moments after many years.

This week was one of most joyful weeks for Iranian because of the left wing ‘s victory in presidential election and now football world cup.

Seal Team Six




Seal Team Six Movie

Last night, I watched the movie is named ” Seal Team Six”; It is a movie which is inspired by true events; this television film chronicling the compound raid and killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011 by U.S Navy Seals.


Seal Team Six

Seal Team Six

I enjoyed because it was a picture of killing one of the most dangerous terrorist on the earth and became disappointed too. I got disappointed because while I was watching I remembered the military war between Iraq and Iran. My home land was attacked by Iraqi army from September 1980 to August 1988. It happened in sort of situation that the Iranian military forces and capabilities were not as sufficient as Iraqis. It began while the Iranian soldiers were army, navy and most of them devoted volunteers who desired to defend; But the most disappointing part was when I compared American soldiers, all equipped and trained with bulletproof vest, smart helmet which records every single steps, so one one gets lost and etc against how Iranian soldiers tried to fight; with nothing, with the least possible equipment. It is easy to search on internet for couple of minutes to figure it out.


Iranian Soldiers in Iraq-Iran war

Teen soldier in Iraq-Iran war

Iranian Soldier in Iraq-Iran war

Iranian Soldiers in Iraq-Iran war

I remember hundreds of thousands teenagers, youth and old people who were sacrificed, lost or captured by Iraqi armies. There are huge number of families who have been waiting for their children yet to get back from war. There are many families who have just a temple with few found bones inside as their youth.

Beside, I feel anger inside and hate. I hate war, any kind of that. It does not make any change if these days several governments choose different names for that. Cyber conflict, Press ones… .



Amir Haj Amini

I hate you all who plan the wars and do not care about anything else. This is all leaders’ fault because they can do whatever they want by political dialogues. THEY ARE ABLE TO DO THAT. It does not matter if she or he is American, British, Iraqi, Iranian, Cuban, Russian or Chinese.

The Loss, fear and tear are for all when it occurs that is why I wish I had not happened to any nations.