How to cure homesick


This Post went up on my second blog and I would like to share with some of you who doesn’t follow that here:

I know what does it mean and some how I have over come! My first month after marriage started by saying good bye to my country, family and friends. Although I am so happy to experience the world, languages and cultures, I feel something which is hard to define.I just know how to cure them. The firs step is not to suppress that.

Embrace that:

Now you are in the stage to be a doctor for your memories and emotions. It doesn’t matter how much you hate the home or even how much you are enthusiastic to adventure; The matter is that the inside pieces strengthen as you get further.

Secondly, take something with you:
What is more fun; the part reminds you the best days. I always have mine. It is a moon as you see. My mom bought me a Barbie who was laid on that when I was nine; we lived in the south in Iran, in Abadan. After eight years of military conflict between Iran and Iraq, the city was a whole mess. Infection, illness, lacking of essential products and so many more… Having a Barbie was a paradise in the hell. I remember it was really expensive… Any way, it reminds me, family, childhood dreams and love.


how to cure homesick by tobelikealady

Barbie’s Moon

How to cure homesick by

Barbie’s Moon

My husband takes his mocks! So fantasy and in the same time his love to American classic cars, especially those which are from 70th decade!


How to cure homesick by

His Mock

Keep in touch:
these days a free phone call by smart phones is way easier than calling for pizza delivery at your door. so do that!
These easy simple steps are on top of what I do based on my experience to be happy and overcome all horrible emotions caused by distance.


To Be Like a Lady


For those who haven’t a chance to read my last week posts on my Fashion Beauty Blog I am going to share with you some of them. “Inspirational Bloggers series” is about bloggers who inspire me.

Inspirational Bloggers# 2 Elisa and Lily, Style like U


Elisa and Lily


I always look for a new motivation. When there is no Post up in my blog, means that There is no motivation in my heart. My posts are not sponsored, I don’t write to receive money in my account. If I talk about a product or a piece of clothes, it is all about my style, my thought and feeling. No one can carry a true message unless you have it inside, and further more you wouldn’t be able to transfer it to others unless you well have felt that.




It seems rambling, but I want to talk about my another inspiring bloggers on this planet. STYLE LIKE U!
Mother and daughter who have created a platform to give a time to ordinary citizens who are different because of their special own way of clothing, not because of following the trends and what the others accept. Elisa and Lily are amazing and absolute faithful people. I really can’t explain how honest they are with the world; my previous post is about Inner beauty; I said that sometimes we may look ugly even by putting on the most expensive makeup, clothes and perfumes because the inside is empty. So if you would like to know, read and see more about it “Elise and Lily” are the right people.

By Elisa and Lily

StyleLikeU Book

The most impressive interview which I can’t stop to think about it is Armen Ra. He is an American famous Thereminist; a feminine man; of Iranian-American descent. I watched the interview five or six times and deeply contemplate every single words of it. I love him because he is brave enough to live his life in the most gorgeous way ever; I learned a lot.
 I suggest all you fashion , beauty  and lifestyle bloggers to read and watch the projects they have worked on.

Armen Ra

Check the website. You also can buy the book here.

My Beauty Fashion Styling Blog Reveal


Beginning of 2014 is getting more exciting than 2013, because last year I used to do what I was not satisfied with. It caused not by the job itself. Nevertheless, I like to teach but the environment and especially the wage were two crucial factors which bothered me.

After passing this short intro, I want to share something with you all. I have had an all time passion! It is “Styling the things”. Therefore, I ran a blog to write about this best favorite ever! I hope to expand it as an Youtube channel, as well in 2014. I love everything about being a lady thus my blog is “to Be like a Lady“.


To Be Like a Lady

To Be Like a Lady

There is so much to do. I have just blogged one post so far. I am sure it may not be interesting for males 😦 ; as it is basically about skin care products, cosmetic, clothing, DIY beauties, fitness and more. However I hope you all support me in my new born blogging journey. I try to create an easy, useful, helpful, informative source for women who would like to be like a lady.

The address:

Forgotten to say that I try to publish the posts in Spanish and English both.



Pet story


I share my food with my dog, I try to care of her but most of the time I suppose she is not that happy to live like a real pet.

She is cute, Loyal… Really loyal I have never seen somebody like her who loves me in any occasion and this part is the most amazing part of my experience with Her. When I saw her it was a chilly night in winter after a huge snow. One of our friends who contribute to Vafa animal shelter called us. There are  two sick puppies who need a home for a while to get better, She said.

My husband started the Impala engine and we began our journey to find the address. After two hours we could find the friends. One of puppy was a mixed race of Doberman- German shepherd, 3 month was suffering from Diarrhea because of Parvo, she smelled horrible but her health status was much better than the other one. Other one was my current sweet heart named “Termeh”.

First night

In December

In December, 2013

In December, 2013

First Night

First Night


Termeh (in the night she was not chosen a name), a shit zu- Terrier mixed; tiny black and white fluffy. She was literally miserable. I fell in love with her just in first few seconds and our love story opened.

By the way, I always wonder if she is enough happy with us, with her life.

Second Award


I am honored to receive this award. It was just couple of days ago that I wrote a post about the happiness inside these award; amaong people who know each other just by Internet and surprisingly I had mentioned some award names while I never knew that exist “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award“.  Thank you so much Dear Kitty1 for nominating me.

sisterhood of the world bloggersRules:

  1. Provide a link to and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
  2. Answer ten questions.
  3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
  4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know they have been nominated.
  5. Include the award logo within your blog post.


  1. Your favorite color: I love all of them, I do not kike any more than other one
  2. Your favorite animal:  Of course DOG
  3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink:  Iranian Black Tea
  4. Facebook or Twitter:  Twitter despite I usually spend more time on Facebook.
  5. Your favorite pattern: When the story is about the color, design, shape and etc, there is no limitation for me. I love diversity; There are many of them out there.
  6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Both of them, but of course getting
  7. Your favorite number : 5
  8. Your favorite day of the week … Saturday
  9. Your favorite flower …. any white flower.
  10. What is your passion? … Really?  -Style.

The nominated Blogs will be announced on the next post, today.

From Iran


As you  know, I traveled to Iran, and obviously everyone who goes to home will bring a lot of things which is hard to find and of course will be reducing home-sickness.

First of all, I was presented by  Lahijan Spring tea from one of my relatives; I honestly can say it is the best quality in Black tea you have ever tasted. I love it. For evenings that I am sitting at the desk and doing homework or looking for a brilliant ideas to post, when I am sad this pot full of tea accompanies me, while I am so happy and need something to drink for celebrating my happiness; in the mornings when it is hard to get up a mug of tea is a great motivation for getting up.. In any occasion it could be the best and more suitable solution.

my pot full of tea

Of course it is shape of my heart

How black this is.

These following pictures are for your information and from the Internet not by myself:

tea field

green leaves