From Iran


As you  know, I traveled to Iran, and obviously everyone who goes to home will bring a lot of things which is hard to find and of course will be reducing home-sickness.

First of all, I was presented by  Lahijan Spring tea from one of my relatives; I honestly can say it is the best quality in Black tea you have ever tasted. I love it. For evenings that I am sitting at the desk and doing homework or looking for a brilliant ideas to post, when I am sad this pot full of tea accompanies me, while I am so happy and need something to drink for celebrating my happiness; in the mornings when it is hard to get up a mug of tea is a great motivation for getting up.. In any occasion it could be the best and more suitable solution.

my pot full of tea

Of course it is shape of my heart

How black this is.

These following pictures are for your information and from the Internet not by myself:

tea field

green leaves


Getting back to the normal life


Part1: Finally, I got back here to Caracas and started living as usual however I feel happier; Honestly, the trip was such an intensive, many people to visit, families, friend of mine and my husband therefore it could not be what was expected. my blog life has stopped during , because in Iran the wordpress is censored which is needed to use vpn or other staff to update status in addition to the really low internet speed.

Part2: I feel much better now; i mean less sorrow.

Part3:  These are what I am doing these days:

a.Two books to finish one in Persian by SharParsipurnush and the other one in English ” About a girl” by “Lindsey kelk“.

b. Reviewing the drawing techniques and skills from the first.

c. to register a one year course ( we are figuring out which).

d. preparing for my husband’s birthday.

going to Iran

Mount Damavand, Iran.

Mount Damavand, Iran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have not shown up recently because I’ve been busy with preparing myself and organize things to travel to Iran. I am so happy and excited.

I know that being away for a year is not a long time even though there are millions of people who have been away since many years ago; I wish you all be able to visit your home as soon as possible. It may you and I never can have the same opportunity in our home but several reasons attract us and cause to be there again. It does not matter if the Tehran is polluted or all people stuck in traffic jam for hours, it does not matter if hardly there is pure drinking water in south; we all love the Home.

So I am thinking about a long to do list which contains going to the different places, cities, museums,  visiting friends and family; to buy some things essential to stay alive for us(Iranian) such as Iranian tea, Iranian special chopped dried leaves, nuts, Nabat(rock candy) , etc.

wish me luck, however I don’t believe in wish.


Iranians are not Terrorists.


All inhabitants in the building I live in see each other in elevator, Exit door, ground floor or on the roof where people come and sit for minutes when the weather is not too sunny or for doing the laundry.

One of my neighbors is a middle age man, once i saw him and he said hello in French, he might think I am French. But today as here is National holiday, I could not go to the gym so i did my exercises in the building gym. I went to ground floor to give back the keys while the mentioned neighbor entered, so I gave the keys and got back to the elevator. Accidentally we faced to face there. Before telling the rest of story I should mention a really interesting part of my experience about the Venezuelan Nation: most of them probably ask you those type of question which we call them “Personal and Private” in the first conversation AND I HATE IT. Such as: what do you do? why are you here in Venezuela? what is your husband job? where do you and your husband work? Is your husband Venezuelan?  Are you married? or so on. That is why he asked me in Spanish: ” you were going out why did you get back?”

WHAT? Really? I never can imagine asking this question? Absolutely it is non of your business and I do not have to answer you!!!! In fact, I did not answer him in like this, I just smiled and said him in Spanish that I gave back the Keys. But he did not give up. He continued smiling and curiously in English: ” Where are you from? I answered in English: “Iran”. He just stared at me while tried not to quit smiling, however it was clear that he is pretending. He clearly was shocked and all his face muscles were changed like to sag. Elevator stopped he ran out! Really he stepped out like he was in hurry suddenly; his motion changed totally with comparison the moment he asked his first question.

I got Sad. Yeah, I am Persian, I am Iranian, I am from Iran in addition I hate this sort of situation as it was not the first time that the others ask me and their motion transformed completely after receiving the answer. I wish I was be able to stop him and tell him: ” Hey guy, I am not terrorist, we are not terrorists. we are hard working people that you and your all compatriots can not even imagine. we work hard all week long. we pay off loans monthly, we are busy to create a good life for our families. do you understand? we are not busy by harming others. we stand up hours and hours, month and month to receive a Schengen Visa, US visa, GCC visa, Europe Union and etc; exactly in contrast with what you all experience to travel beside being asked and reacted so!

Because all global powers have been spreading this idea about Iranian Nation and you are influenced by them too. What do you know about our sorrow?”

Yes, this is today sad story.

Azadi Square

Winter in Tehran



Adrebil Carpet

“Ehsan Yarshater” 90th Birthday Tribute


Ehsan Yarshater” is the most amazing Iranian person I have ever seen. I don’t why i cry while i am watch his interviews. He is the leader of Iranica Encyclopedia. He is 93 years old, but he works as same as a 18 years old person.


 I cannot explain what he has been doing so far; his effort has  formed this great Iranian heritage.

Ehsan Yarshater


Encyclopedia Iranica

THANK YOU SO MUCH,  i hope to meet you someday.


This is short part of his 90th birthday:


Iran & two victories


Iran confirmed its participation in the 2014 football world cup!

It is so cool and that is why we are really happy. The people are celebrating in all cities. My brother called me few minutes ago and told me they are on the beach; dancing, playing music and having fantastic moments after many years.

This week was one of most joyful weeks for Iranian because of the left wing ‘s victory in presidential election and now football world cup.