What is your Cellulite Serum?










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Cellulite Serum by www.tobelikealady.com

I used to think that I would be always on shape. Not belly fat and no cellulite would come to my body. But as the age goes up everything in your body going to change. Genetic reasons, less activities, lifestyle and illness are main reasons to have those two things on your legs, around your belly and become depressed. I am really sorry about what I did to my body and the cellulite has appeared! I try to fix the things, more less fitness exercises, drinking so much water, choosing the healthy meals in the menu have been my attempts to get rid of.  Recently, I did some major research on the helpful solutions which can speed the fat burning process in addition resolve the issues on surface of the body. I found out about the laser therapy and a bunch of lotions and oils.

Cellulite serum by www.tobelikealady.com

The first and the most economic lotion in the market is by NIVEA. I apply this yellow serum on my chest, legs and belly. In this phase it is impossible to report the result. However it claims to get rid of all cellulite in 10 days. I will make you updated as soon as I see any difference. It is called Nivea Serum GoodBye Cellulite Q10. which as is said, it claims: Firming the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite in ten days. you can find it on the boots here.


Body Book by Cameron Diaz


This post is my today’s post on www.tobelikealady.com. You know that I have started that to express my point of view about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I appreciate your support and following to growing my own voice.


Body Book review by www.tobelikealady.com

Body book by Cameron Diaz

Body Book review by www.tobelikealady.com

Reading has a special place in my heart. It is feeding my soul, my mind. It offers me having expertise many distinct situations and watching others as they walk through the stories. Many years passed with my emphases on the novels and as my questions increased, I was trying to respond by more book. My childhood and teenage years were the ages without Internet in my country. So the books have been my old friends that know everything. I still am in love with the honest books, those that tell me how to live, eat and behave. One of those inspiring right said is the BODY BOOK by Cameron Diaz.

Body Book review by www.tobelikealady.com

I purchased this book in Frankfurt airport while I was going to visit my family in Iran. BODY BOOK has a great research works behind. The information is reliable just because of the scientific facts. Every details on it is based on Food history, Examines and data which is accumulated into a easy to follow result.

It talks about every crucial points in our Diet. I mean our eating system by the Diet, not what you start to follow up in order to lose weight.

Body Book review by www.tobelikealady.com

Body Book review by www.tobelikealady.com

Beside the content that helped me a lot to educate my feeding vision and add the positive plans in my family lifestyle, it also came out with a perfect publishing quality. The written font, the paper material, hard cover, etc. make it a precious present to your health.

Fitness For beginners; Don’t cheat!


It is almost the second month I am following my fitness plan regularly. Last week has been such an organized week for me. What has made me organized and enthusiastic for going to the gym, do my best and don’t cheat (will explain about it) is that I asked myself several question:

Why do you want to got to gym?

-Because I wana six pack ab


– well, It is one my goal in 2014, it would be so efficient in my health as well and blah blah blah…

Look, if you just wana go cuz that’s one of your goal in bucket list; if you just like to tick something and report it to the world on your blog, show off and etc, JUST GIVE IT UP NOW!!!!

-Why? you use to disappoint me, hate you, go to hell.

Listen, when you go to gym cuz as said you, you will cheat on yourself; will escape from hardworking during the workout time, will go to gym just to finish it not to perform your best! This is The Reality. You have to face it, accept and choose the way of your performance!

The above dialogue was the most useful one I have had with myself ever about bucket list and especially in Fitness Zone. In my seventh week of hardworking, lifting, running and sweating I assumed that the crucial side of  achieving the fitness aims is ” Not to cheat” . If your trainer says: “12 times, 4 series” and you do 10 times in first, 8 in second, 12 in third and don’t lift properly in last series It means you are doing a vain worthless activity. Your trainer charges you monthly, you have to schedule your time to reach the club, get back home and continue your daily life with a tons of tiredness in muscles! So who wins? Who loses? Who will become disappointed at the end?

For sure you know the answer, and you know what I mean!

Fit Day


I couldn’t go to gym yesterday. My energy level was so low and really wasn’t able to handle it. It was n’t a fun day at home and suffered from hypothyroidism side effects in my life.

Today I am preparing myself to go. I ate my pre-work out meal and ready to go.


bucket list progress report #3


I know that I have started and given up many times before. That’s why I decided not to post about it until I achieve a good record of my fitness program.
if you follow my previous posts, you know my passion for a healthy, sexy and happy body. So I hired a personal trainer to watch my exercise and  motivate me that I think this decision has been the best choice for my exercise plan.
This week is the fourth week of my great attempt. except one week which was Semana Santa holidays.
My trainer is serious therefore I can’t resist the commands.
I said it was the best choice.
Why? Because I need someone who be with me during the lifting and struggling to finish each exercise. there are millions if online plans which help millions of people around the world but in my case it doesn’t work. I am not the type of person who be able to stay motivated in loneliness situation with lifting and sweating.
How I feel: I feel more better about my inside part of my character.  I could approve that I can fulfill my goals. I know that it is not time to celebrate but at least one month of fit days in normal boring life is a huge achievement for me.
My body: my trainer increased the weights by the second week and I am more better in doing the legs exercise. My body is strengthened; the first day I literally was crying in the last five minutes. I am not kidding.  I really was crying. whole my body was shaking. but now I am really happy at the end and feel more power in my muscles.


bucket list progress report#2


Having six packs ab is one of my items  in my bucket list. One of those that gives me a high level of self esteem.
Why? Because I will be able to put on whatever I want. However I have never been fat but there are some zones which I really like to fix them.
Because I will feel being sexy when my husband looks at me.
Because feel being sexy and well dressed are motivations to keep physical activities in my life. Our daily lives in offices or in small apartments with few things to do cannot guarantee


a healthy future. I don’t want to be an old lady with thousands of diseases that prevent me to enjoy my life.
physical activities can help my metabolism which has been destroyed by hypothyroidism.
By looking a further deeper at fitness, yoga, walking and any kind of regular exercise you will find thousands of reasons to start and keep doing that.

bucket list activities #1


when it is the first days of new year, everyone start to post about their wishes, goals and make a bucket list them.
Unfortunately, as life goes by daily exhaustive things we all forget the bucket list! And the most disappointing part is the December and a half undo list.

I am deeply scared of this horrific shoot. ( I imagin myself with the above said situation).
Therefore, I started the process.  During my trip to Iran I did a part of my medical tests which the result wasn’t that good but at least I did a part of my to do tasks and now I have a clear health status. I did the thyroid test via blood exam, scans… I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism ; the underactive type. I take the one tablet each day before breakfast and must give blood test every two months.

The next important subject to change is the shape of my body. lately fitness has been missed In my life. I mean it has had no permenant presence in my days. I hired a personal trainer. this week is my third week of my fit days.
I wanted to write about it sooner but I needed to investigate myself, watch out my attempt and many more personal deminsions related to working out.  today I found myself a more stable person to stick to the ” getting six pack ab this year”, so I mentioned it. 🙂

My private Spanish class will start tomorrow.  I’ll report how it goes on. Being a perfect speaker in other languages is really amazing. I would like to know more about the Spanish to be able to speak easier and write my beauty and fashion blog posts without any mistakes.

Reading books, I was so angry and hopeless about my intellectual side of my mind! and knew most of it is because I close all books and have no cultural activities. I mentiined befoere the books I have read so far and which one am reading now. I update my reading status in Goodreads website to monitor my movement clearly.