Mythic Oil L’Oreal Paris; My After Bath!


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Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil for all hair types  L’OREAL PROFESSIONAL 125ml! It is my first step after bath! You might think how fast I jumped right into that! Yeah, that’s the result of pure love this stuff presents me. It is quite a long period I dye and highlight my hair; I can’t stop doing that. Logically, when you can’t resist the beauty transformation with chemical materials you must look for perfect treatment to take the life back.

Hair ends are the most disaster type of dryness, dull condition and tired member of the body! Mythic oil is a commercial name for one of the Argan Oil products from L’OREAL PARIS company. And On the side note, my first experience of Argan oil derived from Moroccan Argan Trees by Babylis; Which is insane and I can’t describe how this produce is amazing, efficient to turn the dull hair into silky wavy soft alive friendly hair! Unfortunately, I ran out of it so I dug the market and found this bottle. It smells so good but  not as pure as the BabyLis one.

Mythic Oil Nourishing oil works nice. It adds the lost moist to the ends (I apply the oil all over my hair). The formula is light and I notice the water based elements in it. Not so runny to bother you. In my case, I need about four to five pumps to cover and massage gently to absorb and feel fresh after bath. 


Mini Dress Styling Benefits


Another Mini dress. Why do I love the mini dress? All about styling benefits; what? Yeas, go down and read its own positive angles:

Mini dress benefits by

2. The mini dress is a versatile choice for all seasons. By adding a trench coat or a blazer in winter and a pair of sandals in summer.

Mini dress styling benefits by

3. When you are in rush.

 Have you been there? Late in the morning, exclusive meeting, reunion, breakfast invitation? So grab a mini dress! The reason is to get rid of matching and styling four pieces together. As you see just a hand made scarf or a long necklace. You are almost done with the accessorizing. you are free to spend the ten minutes get ready with makeup and hair.

Mini dress styling benefits by

Mini dress styling benefits by

Mini dress styling benefits by

Inspiring bloggers No. 4 #Tanya Burr



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Limited Space and Practical skills, are the initial requirements to start a Youtube channel or a blog. But not all the bloggers are inspiring and successful. As you might already know by the title of the post, I am going to tell why I found Tanya Burr an Inspiring blogger.

Why Tanya Burr is inspiring and Young girls love her?

After watching hundreds of her videos and checking out her blog during a long time, I must confess some major points:

she is on budget!

It may sound funny. But believe me one of those reasons she is a famous lovely face and I can say for many girls she is seriously a role model is the way she does shopping. She purchases her night events dresses, PJ and chic coats from TopShop, Zara and this range of brands; economic prices! which so many girls from the middle class (Financial) of society will buy their clothes from. I mean, specifically, in “shopping related” stuff, Tanya is an easy to follow model. She shows that for going to a Fashion show, or Red carpet night you don’t need a designer dress to wear. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a VALENTINO skirt or a CHANEL blazer. You would be able to shine with your own version of glamorous.


Not having a standard shape!

She has a healthy lifestyle. No smoking, no drugs, regular workout, food planning! Before, all these, I must say that she doesn’t have a stereo type of body which is awarded over and over on medias. Like million girls, she doesn’t have skinny legs, slim arms and very very flat abs! But she is beloved and followed by over than 2 million and half subscribers on Youtube.  She dresses up beautifully without thinking about imperfections. This simple formula, transfers a very crucial message to those girls out there: “I can be famous, successful and loved without the defined rules”. A very best and the most simple formula ever!


Perfect Communication with her Fans!

She is always smiling and extremely welcoming! She answers and favorites so many of her fans’ tweets. She follows the comments on her Youtube Channel. In various videos especially her Vlogs, she shows that she is reading the tweets and expresses her feeling about them.



4 Ways to Save Money on Beauty Expenses


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Some components of the beauty world refers to the glamorous sphere and just business developing ideas; but some parts are essential and main women’s needs. We all have a massive list of products are waiting in the stores to be bought by our bills. However, sometimes it seems pretty difficult to survive the constant temptations which are surrounding us. I want to share with you some of my strategies that are winners and they have let me so many times to own those goodies I dream about.

Manicure and Pedicure:

It feels amazing to sit down on the comfortable cool full leather cool chair with candle lights and get pedicure! It is incredible to get a clean perfect manicure! But What? the amount of money you pay each time can be the more than double and even more than the price of the whole amount of materials are used to give you that fancy Mani and Pedi. Therefore, It is a long time that I Do It by mYself! At the beginning it was annoying to polish the right hand nails with left hand. Therefore, by finding couple of tutorials on Youtube I learned how to do that. Buy yourself a nice light weight oil to massage and mani set. You can find all of them for a inexpensive price every where.Instead of paying once buy some nail polishes from high end brands with better quality.

For pedicure I use a set of electronic nail drill. that is the most random electronic device I have but it does a very clean and perfect job. If you are afraid about the those hot water sinks, Do you pedi after a hot bath or a deep shower.

Wash your hair at home: 

I have no idea about other countries but here in Venezuela they charge you for every drop of shampoo, conditioner, heat protection, hair spray they use to blow dry your hair. You may think who goes to salon for blow drying? The answer is clear: I do. because I have long hair, So much strong hair. It is not just long. It is a pile of hair! It is by my genetic which is so cool and I am very grateful for but I have to be careful about the expenses it causes. I buy nice shampoo, friendly conditioners, lovely oils, loyal heat protection and etc… and do these parts at home. I apply the oil and heat protection before heading to the salon and I take my hair spray with myself. The salon manager is not happy with what I do, but I need to watch out my expenses as she does!


It is almost a year that I don’t wax my body, but when I used to, I would do it by myself! Believe or not! I did it by myself. So many girls say that it is so painful, horrible, impossible to manage! But I tried and achieved the skill I needed.


I have learnt this one by my mom. She always says invest on your face masks and skincare! It is a big idea. It is again the same business strategy. Instead of paying a a lot to a facialist to Cleanse, Steam, Scrub, Mask, more Mask, Hydrate and applying a tiny amount of those expensive Anti-Aging Cream on top, please D I Y!

Pay once. It might sound spending a lot of money. The reality is that the masks, exfoliating products, a saucepan of hot water and nice beneficial herbs; are not those kind of things you use them every single day. They last for ages. So you always have your own kit at home.

Note: I am not telling you that I never get Mani and pedi Or Facial, but it is honestly like twice a year  or even less. I have been there; Those days you need a relaxation operation and it turns into several hours in the Salon. Be Careful!



Fall Lipsticks 2014


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All darkness and redness you need for Fall can be chosen from these color shades. A little bit brighter or darker. Lipstick is another beauty product that you would discover a big amount of them on budget. I have created perfect glamorous look based on these lip colors.


From the orange undertone up to the dark berry; a sneak pick of nude brownish effect; These are more wearable fashionable lipsticks for Fall and Winter. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have enough fun with colors and bright pinks, coral and sheer nude. Basically, makeup is a way to lift the mood, so whenever you feel that you need; Just commit that.

All are from the top based on the photo below:

1. Rimmel London- Lasting finish lipstick-Paradise 050

2. Rimmel London-  Lasting finish lipstick Metallic-Shimmer 046

3. Rimmel London- Moisture Renew- Burgundy Luster 540

4. Rimmel London- Lasting finish Lipstick- Alarm 170

5. L’real Color Riche- Red Passion 297

6. Rimmel London- Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick 12

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Sexy Sunday Brand Review


Happy Monday! I hope you all have started  your week with nice feelings. In this post you will see one of my favorite Sunday Looks. This post have been published on my Fashion and Beauty blog. I did some changes on the blog’s appearance; I really would like to know your opinion about its look. You can also follow the blog on Twitter and Instagram as  @tobelikealady



Sunday means most comfortable clothes! But Sexy either. How you can make a simple top as sexy as possible. We want more, a touch of feminine. Having so much signs of elegance in your outfit. In result, you see if there is an outfit with all the said standards, it will empower you and your life, your confidence about how you look. I know, I know everything starts from inside, nevertheless who can deny the power of clothes!



You might be surprised with Spring/ Summer collection in the beginning of Fall. In tropical climate your airy cool cotton pieces are always in. It never gets cold here to not be able to wear such these kind of collections.

I have to mention another important issue about the Interviews and Brand reviews post that non of these are sponsored or paid post.

White Mini Dress










Today I am here again with another Posts of

White Cotton, White Chiffon, White jeans, White fluffy fabrics; all kind of white materials. I adore all. To me it is impossible to imagine a person who his/her wardrobe is growing without white pieces. It is a symbolic winter color and a trick and either solution for summer. You can have it and be sure it is the proper season color all around the year.





I am in love with this mini dress. I chose it immediately from the racks in Perinolahg Boutique on shooting day. As You know and may have seen the previous posts of Perinola Brand here and here; Also the interview with Helena Gil founder of Perinola, my beautiful model Shantal Kleiner is flawless in this outfit. The information you need to follow is down below:

Model: Shantal Kleiner

Her Instagram: Shantalina

Photography, Styling, makeup and hair by,

Instagram: Tobelikealady

Twitter: @tobelikealady


The Brand on Instagram: Perinolahg