No cooking day


Hey, today was a good day. I started by visiting one of my kind friends and continued by having luch with my husband; shopping, fun, walked my dog, cleaning the apartment and no cooking!


I love doing creative things but cooking has become a part of worries! Every few hours I should think about the next meal and that’s frustrating!
Sometimes I have no more ideas, I kike to sit and cry!  Why there is no more idea for cooking!


Green tea day


Couple of days ago I ran out of green tea.I love green tea and as I noticed which is a rich source of antioxidant, helps to repair the destroyed tissues and also is just a great relaxing drink.
Anyway, I’ve been looking for green tea these days but in Venezuela everything can be disappeared for a long time; so no surprise! from toilet roll to the bread you need for breakfast!
Finally I could find a tiny pack of green tea in a Chinese store that was so expensive! Though it was more than the real price I bought it because I had no choice.
I opened the package as soon ad I got home and made my self a huge mug of my rare expensive green tea.
I love the color and the scent.


Yogurt shake


If you are looking for something to drink, something creamy, like milk shakes which are great for evening or breakfast so this type can be a good choice. Rich in calcium, vitamins such as: Vitamin A, B1 and B2 huge amount of minerals  and your blood pressure stays in good scale.

Greek yogurt ( Natural, without any fruit taste).

Berries (any kind)- mine are Raspberries.

Brown sugar( Don’t use white one, please).


Tree Tomato/ Wild Tomato


As this country is a wonderful collection of new things, I found this beautiful yummy bloody tomato and no doubt to buy. But I must admit that I did not know that it is a kind if tomato because in the grocery store it was labeled as a local name that I can’t remember and other information which had been given, was the type of taste; ” Dulce” means sweet!!!!! and surprisingly it was sour. I love this taste since I was a kid and finding sour tasted yummy is a big deal here in Venezuela. They have everything in sweet taste. Like very very sweet.

I bought four

by the way, One my husband’s friends who has been living here for years told me it is a kind of tomato and when I searched I read something about it which you can follow the these links:


personal experience 

other one

I found out that it is from the potato family (I have no idea, it is just based on my surfing on internet); which in many countries is cultivated. The tree of this tomato can be up to almost 5 meters.

love this cute feature

look at the blood 🙂


Healthy fast breakfast



Last night I decided to have a pure meal as breakfast. I combined Musslie, milk, 6 strawberries, Rose berries plus a big glass of green shake as I posted before. And in order to start a new exercise schedule so I added a toasted grain bread covered by peanut butter.