Body Book by Cameron Diaz


This post is my today’s post on You know that I have started that to express my point of view about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I appreciate your support and following to growing my own voice.


Body Book review by

Body book by Cameron Diaz

Body Book review by

Reading has a special place in my heart. It is feeding my soul, my mind. It offers me having expertise many distinct situations and watching others as they walk through the stories. Many years passed with my emphases on the novels and as my questions increased, I was trying to respond by more book. My childhood and teenage years were the ages without Internet in my country. So the books have been my old friends that know everything. I still am in love with the honest books, those that tell me how to live, eat and behave. One of those inspiring right said is the BODY BOOK by Cameron Diaz.

Body Book review by

I purchased this book in Frankfurt airport while I was going to visit my family in Iran. BODY BOOK has a great research works behind. The information is reliable just because of the scientific facts. Every details on it is based on Food history, Examines and data which is accumulated into a easy to follow result.

It talks about every crucial points in our Diet. I mean our eating system by the Diet, not what you start to follow up in order to lose weight.

Body Book review by

Body Book review by

Beside the content that helped me a lot to educate my feeding vision and add the positive plans in my family lifestyle, it also came out with a perfect publishing quality. The written font, the paper material, hard cover, etc. make it a precious present to your health.


Hello Everyone



I got back to Caracas, from Iran. It was winter, cold, rainy, snowy and freezing. I had so much fun there with friend, family and even lonely walking. I did couple of medical check up. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism; Under active thyroid 😦 and some joint issues. I take pills everyday and try to think positive.

And thanks so much for supporting me by visiting my blog during my absence. It means a world to me.



I don’t know how to manage my feeling; between my depression, wishes, future programs, daily tasks… I am struggling now.


Spring has just started.

my spring flowers

my spring flowers


I have been read a bunch of book

First one you can see it here on my instagram Here.

Second one




Next book was about Frida Kahlo, her life and art.

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Getting back to the normal life


Part1: Finally, I got back here to Caracas and started living as usual however I feel happier; Honestly, the trip was such an intensive, many people to visit, families, friend of mine and my husband therefore it could not be what was expected. my blog life has stopped during , because in Iran the wordpress is censored which is needed to use vpn or other staff to update status in addition to the really low internet speed.

Part2: I feel much better now; i mean less sorrow.

Part3:  These are what I am doing these days:

a.Two books to finish one in Persian by SharParsipurnush and the other one in English ” About a girl” by “Lindsey kelk“.

b. Reviewing the drawing techniques and skills from the first.

c. to register a one year course ( we are figuring out which).

d. preparing for my husband’s birthday.