Pet story


I share my food with my dog, I try to care of her but most of the time I suppose she is not that happy to live like a real pet.

She is cute, Loyal… Really loyal I have never seen somebody like her who loves me in any occasion and this part is the most amazing part of my experience with Her. When I saw her it was a chilly night in winter after a huge snow. One of our friends who contribute to Vafa animal shelter called us. There are  two sick puppies who need a home for a while to get better, She said.

My husband started the Impala engine and we began our journey to find the address. After two hours we could find the friends. One of puppy was a mixed race of Doberman- German shepherd, 3 month was suffering from Diarrhea because of Parvo, she smelled horrible but her health status was much better than the other one. Other one was my current sweet heart named “Termeh”.

First night

In December

In December, 2013

In December, 2013

First Night

First Night


Termeh (in the night she was not chosen a name), a shit zu- Terrier mixed; tiny black and white fluffy. She was literally miserable. I fell in love with her just in first few seconds and our love story opened.

By the way, I always wonder if she is enough happy with us, with her life.


the way she plays


It was so weird to me, but now I can understand her feeling and reasons about the way she plays with her dolls.
She started by biting them and took out the hard, external, bright objects such as eyes and nose. I read that it is caused because of her natural hunting instinct.
However I am still amazed by her behavior.