Bucket List

This is my Bucket List; I mention it here in third month of 2013; It does not matter if you and I start by a few months tardiness; Important matters are a realistic, affordable and practical list. Writing long, hard and expensive list does not grantee accomplishing those.

I chose most effective points in developing my life to fulfill. These are super priority of my desires to come true.

1.Pass IELTS ” 7.5 – 8″:

  • registered for December 7th, 2013
  • ( Passed by 7.5 but the reading skill was awful that is why I am going to give the exam again in 2014) 

2.  to own a House 

3. ( it has been changing)

4.It is not possible 😀

5. to buy a Professional Camera 😀

6.Resolving Height Phobia by:   I don’t have any idea how.

7.Resolving Aqua phobia by:    Swimming Training  

8.Venezuela Exploration:

 Angel Falls Tour ( Done in December as mentioned in several posts)

Amazon River ( I have no more intense passion about it; I don’t know why)

Coca Farms and chocolate producing process

Clonia Tovar expedition 

  •  I did it this year and it was a relaxing joyful trip.

9. Reading a book monthly

  • 10. Painting again not so fast and serious but to check old skills

11.  To Start Laser sessions by October:

  • October Done!
  • November Done
  • December Done

12. To Visit New York City.

13. to Visit Ellen 

14. Publish a cook

Today is the first of January 2014; a wonderful day to define goals. Basically I named this year as ” Self Progress year”. I am going to add some more items to my bucket list while mention those which were not done in 2013 again. I don’t regret and won’t ask myself why? why haven’t done? because any one knows.

1. IELTS Exam, Overall 8.0; each skill 8.0.

2. own an apartment in Home

3. buy a professional camera

4. Resolving aqua phobia

5. start to earning money

6. Start an Academic course

7. continue the laser sessions up to April

  • February Done
  • March Done
  • April Done
  • May  Done
  • June  Done
  • July   Done

8. Do  Medical tests; Don’t escape!

 All necessary breast tests each three months, all blood works and hypothyroidism test in two first month, etc.

  • Did Hypothyroidism test : “under active”
  • Shortage of Calcium & Magnesium
  • Joints test
  • Spine and neck MRI

9. read a book monthly 


10. Meet Ellen

11. Publish my cook book

12. run and develop the fashion blog

  • Started
  • Purchased the host
  • find the designer
  • run the Instagram and twitter accounts

13. start the Youtube channel 

14. visit two place in Iran which haven’t seen yet.

15. start painting

16.Visit New York

17. Experience a cruise ship travel 

18. Get Six pack AB

19. Feed my skin properly and reduce any disorder which bothers me

20. Expand my Makeup Storage (Every girl’s dream)





2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. The top of my bucket list is to go in a hot air balloon. I’ve booked a flight in December, my Christmas present to me. Hopefully the weather will be good and I take take the flight as planned.

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