Fall Lipsticks 2014


This Post is by www.tobelikealady.com


All darkness and redness you need for Fall can be chosen from these color shades. A little bit brighter or darker. Lipstick is another beauty product that you would discover a big amount of them on budget. I have created perfect glamorous look based on these lip colors.


From the orange undertone up to the dark berry; a sneak pick of nude brownish effect; These are more wearable fashionable lipsticks for Fall and Winter. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have enough fun with colors and bright pinks, coral and sheer nude. Basically, makeup is a way to lift the mood, so whenever you feel that you need; Just commit that.


All are from the top based on the photo below:

1. Rimmel London- Lasting finish lipstick-Paradise 050

2. Rimmel London-  Lasting finish lipstick Metallic-Shimmer 046

3. Rimmel London- Moisture Renew- Burgundy Luster 540

4. Rimmel London- Lasting finish Lipstick- Alarm 170

5. L’real Color Riche- Red Passion 297

6. Rimmel London- Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick 12

Fall+ Lips+ by+ www.tobelikealady.com



4 thoughts on “Fall Lipsticks 2014

    • Hi Billiekotting, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comment. I love them too. The berry lips help with covering other imperfections on focus. You know what I mean? for example: in early morning, when your eyes are super tired 🙂

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