If I am a Long Day Out


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If+ I +am +a +Long+ Day+ out+ by www.tobelikealady.com

What is inside your beauty bag for a long day out? Everyone has own especial pieces based on what you face most. Oily areas need a powerful controller. Mine is Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place powder in color 2W1. It’s been one of my birthday presents this year. It came with nice mirror which comes so handy to check any mess during the day.

Tissue! You never know when and in the middle which situation you may need tissue! Tearful moments, coffee drops on your outfit, sneezing and next million possibilities. Always, have a pocket size of them.

Antibacterial gel. I talked enough about this Spray here.

A clean sponge! For ever is the absolute favorite applicator for the concealer I will say next.

Maybeline Fit Me concealer! The lovely on budget friendly. The equal version of NARS Radiant creamy concealer one with the almost the same packaging. Few spots of the product will definitely take your dark tired face of a long day of running eye makeup drops down and dehydration to the next level. Level of looking healthy and fresh.

Rimmel London- Lasting Finish by Kate. No 17 I never take the risk of bold lips when have no time for lip liner repairing and drawing. So the most safe way is to carry on a sheer lipstick to polish everything, lead the all attentions to your eyes not the bottom part of your face.

The Final Part: Choose a Fun Makeup bag/Pencil case!!!!


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