Chiffon Top and Golden Print Skirt


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The Look that you see is from Spring/ Summer 2014 collection by Perinola. Let me tell you a bit about the beautiful points of the pieces I have put together. A see through chiffon top has some details which add an edgy accent to it. The basic developed inspiration on the current Perinola collection is The Pompones. In other word, the Main Dress of this collection that is so versatile has been powered by this smart decoration called “Pom pones” That I will write about it in the future post.

Perinola + Brand+ review+

Perinola + Brand+ review+

Perinola + Brand+ review+

Perinola + Brand+ review+

Perinola + Brand+ review+

The “Pompones bands” are on the chest on this top . I did get the advantage of it as a Body Jewelry. The same color of bands helped with creating a complex visionary beauty. Actually a wide waist of the skirt is an effective part of it. Gold color is one of those that goes with all skin colors and says the glamour story about the look. The result of the combined pieces is an absolute effortless view of the Body.

Perinola + Brand+ review+


Top and Skirt from Perinola Spring/ Summer Collection 2014

Photography, Styling, Makeup and Hair by

Model: Shantal Kleiner

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