CLARINS pure and radiant mask


CLARINS mask by

CLARINS mask by

CLARINS mask by

Pores are big deal to take care of in the world of skincare. We all know the basic skincare routine to follow. Although many concerns happen when your pores are open. In my life I haven’t seen yet a women with no pore on face.

Having pores with dirt and pollution in, the oils that own skin produces ends in black heads and more acne. Next frustrating result to me is when I apply the concealer, foundation and other competent of my makeup but the result is more easy seen pores in addition a dull skin on spotlight!

CLARINS mask by

CLARINS mask by

Since I can remember my mom has had so many masks, scrubs and everything a Facialist can have in his/her cabinets. So I use to see my mom with applied mask sitting waiting for twenty minutes to pass. I can’t be unlike my mom. So one of my choices which make you ready for a nice makeup effect and also prevent all mentioned side effects of having open pores.

CLARINS mask by

CLARINS mask by

CLARINS Pure and Radiant Mask, it cleans the pores deeply after ten minutes only. It contains the pink clay but not a Barbie pink one. It is not simply seen, so forget about it. But as always I am the happiest person on the earth after using it. I am pleased with amount of it; about 50 ml. and offers you many times to use. As it is suggested to be removed by rinsing off, I prefer to remove it with one my wet clean towels. It smells as same as the CLARINS Truly Hydra Matte Lotion that I have reviewed that here. The next step to me is feeding my skin a dose of hydration by Hydra Quench Cream-Mask that i have mentioned it on my May favorite. It is basically is from the blue line or Hydra Quench line of CLARINS that is formulated to for dehydrated skins.


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