The Second Part of New Place



Home deco by

I believe in the happiness some pieces carry on. The beloved objects which never are out of fashion or even better, not out of your heart. I talked before about a limited numbers of ours here and the reasons. Furthermore, making a new soulless apartment as a sweet home is not easy! Using the less possible facilities to decorate is an art that I have learned through the numerous moving!


Home deco by

Home deco by

Home deco by

First part of my new place was published more than a week ago, I believe and you can check it out here. Read my tips to decorate your territory with less space and less pieces:

1. Take your memories with you, Ours are the stones you see, shells, His small cars, vintage dishes and etc. Thus you always have a pile of cute objects to decorate with.

2. Take advantage of the furniture you are presented by the new place; Each apartment has something which are new to us a new habitant. So embrace them and rock them.

3. Deep cleaning everything. I can’t sit, eat and sleep in a new apartment with out washing and cleaning everything! It makes me relax and guarantee that here is safe.

4. Play with cabinet, vases bed, TV and other ones, to find the proper combination; Change the way of locating. Listen to your unconscious voice till find the final model you like. I did. I change the replace the armchairs. It made me feel nice.

5. Be Creative; each number is not possible without having the creativity in your eyes.



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