BULGARI OMNIA from Crystal Line


Please, welcome an aromatic post from www.tobelikealady.com

First thing first, I knew this brand by Jewelry. BULGARI name to me means precious stones, Glamours Necklaces which are shining around the red carpet. But the perfume, I was never there to have enough eager to choose until I was in search for a floral feminine scent with a medium range price. I chose this one between about ten other perfumes.

BULGARI OMNIA by www.tobelikealady.com

Bulgari Crystal line Eau Toilet

I thought deeply how to describe it. I am not telling you it is impossible to say how it does smell exactly. But it could be complicated. A bloody feminine scent without overpowered aroma. A light effect of floral environment turns around your neck while you are worn that. The certain winner! For simple reason of being freshening. Imagine that you have a cooling floral flavor on your body and clothes which is enough to be smelled sexy and in the highest level of feminine existence on your comprehensive area.

Bulgari Crystal line Eau Toilet

Bulgari Crystal line Eau Toilet

As you see it is called OMINA from the crystalline. The packaging is easily decorative for your makeup section. The carton has some features with, that reveals the CRYSTALLINE signature. It has an interesting top coat which shines in different beautiful rays such as Violet, Blue, Pink and some others. Having the crystal signs as it is named have made a smart marketing platform to continue the sunning stones of BULGARI in the customers’ mind.


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