Inside your style


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Inside your Style By

Inside your Style By

I have to say that if you create a perfect look and a proper outfit it lasts for ages. Its beauty is always there. Never changes. That’s the difference between trend and beauty. What is so tricky for fashion lovers is to distinguish what is a real harmony in layers of fabrics and clothes from the hype.

I have so many evidence of my blind choices just based on were on the man-kens. And now days with a better vision try to see those on others too. I am not judging people, but the streets are a good workshop to see mistakes and encouraging the powerful appearance. You would never feel the pure being attractive and well-dress unless you find your own pieces. Don’t get me wrong; your piece doesn’t determined the repeated look regards I love a versatile wardrobe. I believe that the limitation on your clothing has started from the inside. It means what is defined your personality. This quote of Rachel Zoe may transfer my message: Your style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.  I really insist to discover what is my way. What is my style. The parts of Jewelries, bags, shoes, coats, shirts, underwear, etc.



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