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 This post has published on http://www.tobelikealady.com, and I would like to share that with you here, as well.   

If you are wondering to know how the entire space does look in a tropical climate area, I have to confess that I’ve had the same question since I studied the Tropical Climate, regions and jungles in my books at school. My imagination was humid hot countries covered by sea and tropical trees and obviously, no Pine Tree, no Chiminea in the room, no cold foggy early morning! Long Story, Shorts. Everything has changed in my mind when I found out about a village two hours away from Caracas. The village is called Colonia Tovar.

It is basically has built by German passengers of a lost ship. When the people tried to survive, they reached this land and began to establish their own community. The architecture is exactly like what you see in cold region and every thing I mentioned as NO ones, come true by getting to Colonia Tovar. The beer and Sausage is so good and as you anticipate a German food industry fame. The last weekend we went there and stayed in Hotel Selva Negra, which is (I think) the second old Hotel of Venezuela. Dogs are allowed in this hotel that is so interesting because in Venezuela, it is a unique option. you can find it on Trip Advisor as well.



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