A quick peek of my 29th Birthday



I published this post on To BE Like a Lady.Blogspot.com and now sharing that as my last year birthday with you all

My birthday is July 4th. Sounds interesting? A birthday in the same day of a national celebration. But we had a lunch party on Fifth of July. My husband pre offered me (if makes sense) his card to buy what I like as my birthday gift. SO my outfit as you see is a part of my gift. We had a nice moments with couple of our friends in my 29th birthday. It was a long time that I have been obsessed with leather midi skirts, and was in a real hunt! Finally I got it a week before and wore that for this importation happy event.




Tobelikealady's Birthday

My Birthday Look

However I preferred to match it with a skinny leather crop top in black but as I couldn’t find, then ended in the black top you see. Before my makeup I steamed my face and neck by chamomile, black tea and honey mixed and the result was a smooth skin to set my makeup layers on. A deep black smoky eyes with huge cat eyeliner is one of my favorite look for parties.


The Best Husband in the Whole world

I just can’t tell you how easy and perfect is a braid crown for an on the go situation, because the party was on and the friend were at the door when I decided to do something with my hair. My secret for these braids is to leave my hear in my Kerastase Oil twenty minutes before washing out the hair, and then after a well towel dry operation apply my Argan oil to prevent any frizz, plus the heaven like smell on your head!


Random Cups


Cheese cake

The cheese cake was so delicious. We had also Vanilla coffee and Lahijan tea.


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