How to cure homesick


This Post went up on my second blog and I would like to share with some of you who doesn’t follow that here:

I know what does it mean and some how I have over come! My first month after marriage started by saying good bye to my country, family and friends. Although I am so happy to experience the world, languages and cultures, I feel something which is hard to define.I just know how to cure them. The firs step is not to suppress that.

Embrace that:

Now you are in the stage to be a doctor for your memories and emotions. It doesn’t matter how much you hate the home or even how much you are enthusiastic to adventure; The matter is that the inside pieces strengthen as you get further.

Secondly, take something with you:
What is more fun; the part reminds you the best days. I always have mine. It is a moon as you see. My mom bought me a Barbie who was laid on that when I was nine; we lived in the south in Iran, in Abadan. After eight years of military conflict between Iran and Iraq, the city was a whole mess. Infection, illness, lacking of essential products and so many more… Having a Barbie was a paradise in the hell. I remember it was really expensive… Any way, it reminds me, family, childhood dreams and love.


how to cure homesick by tobelikealady

Barbie’s Moon

How to cure homesick by

Barbie’s Moon

My husband takes his mocks! So fantasy and in the same time his love to American classic cars, especially those which are from 70th decade!


How to cure homesick by

His Mock

Keep in touch:
these days a free phone call by smart phones is way easier than calling for pizza delivery at your door. so do that!
These easy simple steps are on top of what I do based on my experience to be happy and overcome all horrible emotions caused by distance.


My view; How Do You Feel?


Tropical trees

What I see every morning

I really love sharing the view I see everyday. It is also an important part where I live in to me. There are an inner viewer who needs to smells outside and tells, yeah! today is a good day, because we can see beauties. I was scrolling my post and I noticed there are several post with my window view and thought why not to share the new one. If you visit my blog which is nice of you and I am grateful; please let me know how do you feel by looking at the photos? Do like to have the same view or there is a much better one by your window? ( I have used too much window and view on this post 🙂 )

Trees and more trees

Pure rainy weather




What is going on