To Be Like a Lady


For those who haven’t a chance to read my last week posts on my Fashion Beauty Blog I am going to share with you some of them. “Inspirational Bloggers series” is about bloggers who inspire me.

Inspirational Bloggers# 2 Elisa and Lily, Style like U


Elisa and Lily


I always look for a new motivation. When there is no Post up in my blog, means that There is no motivation in my heart. My posts are not sponsored, I don’t write to receive money in my account. If I talk about a product or a piece of clothes, it is all about my style, my thought and feeling. No one can carry a true message unless you have it inside, and further more you wouldn’t be able to transfer it to others unless you well have felt that.




It seems rambling, but I want to talk about my another inspiring bloggers on this planet. STYLE LIKE U!
Mother and daughter who have created a platform to give a time to ordinary citizens who are different because of their special own way of clothing, not because of following the trends and what the others accept. Elisa and Lily are amazing and absolute faithful people. I really can’t explain how honest they are with the world; my previous post is about Inner beauty; I said that sometimes we may look ugly even by putting on the most expensive makeup, clothes and perfumes because the inside is empty. So if you would like to know, read and see more about it “Elise and Lily” are the right people.

By Elisa and Lily

StyleLikeU Book

The most impressive interview which I can’t stop to think about it is Armen Ra. He is an American famous Thereminist; a feminine man; of Iranian-American descent. I watched the interview five or six times and deeply contemplate every single words of it. I love him because he is brave enough to live his life in the most gorgeous way ever; I learned a lot.
 I suggest all you fashion , beauty  and lifestyle bloggers to read and watch the projects they have worked on.

Armen Ra

Check the website. You also can buy the book here.


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