bucket list progress report #3


I know that I have started and given up many times before. That’s why I decided not to post about it until I achieve a good record of my fitness program.
if you follow my previous posts, you know my passion for a healthy, sexy and happy body. So I hired a personal trainer to watch my exercise and  motivate me that I think this decision has been the best choice for my exercise plan.
This week is the fourth week of my great attempt. except one week which was Semana Santa holidays.
My trainer is serious therefore I can’t resist the commands.
I said it was the best choice.
Why? Because I need someone who be with me during the lifting and struggling to finish each exercise. there are millions if online plans which help millions of people around the world but in my case it doesn’t work. I am not the type of person who be able to stay motivated in loneliness situation with lifting and sweating.
How I feel: I feel more better about my inside part of my character.  I could approve that I can fulfill my goals. I know that it is not time to celebrate but at least one month of fit days in normal boring life is a huge achievement for me.
My body: my trainer increased the weights by the second week and I am more better in doing the legs exercise. My body is strengthened; the first day I literally was crying in the last five minutes. I am not kidding.  I really was crying. whole my body was shaking. but now I am really happy at the end and feel more power in my muscles.



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