Colorful Socks


I published this on my Fashion and Beauty blog .

Socks are as important as my nail polishes. I know that seems weird to compare two these items but I just know these in the same level.

Have new clean colorful trendy socks is a part my characters. You may wonder how about the winter that no one is able to see your socks when you wear boots and other winter shoes, so i never forget about its importance at home
The next step is you may wonder I live in tropical climate and it is not necessary to put on socks when we don’t need even to have a radiator at my apartment! Right!
The answer is that I am going to travel to Iran and there is chilling out there in this period of year.
It is a part of my shopping before going there.


7 thoughts on “Colorful Socks

    • socks are addactive like nail polishes or other beautiful detail in our look. Iam so happy to find another person who is addict to πŸ˜„πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Ž . And the most important part, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting ☺

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