Jamaican Rose Tea


One of my friend’s mom who suffered from Cardiovascular disorder always had a full hot pot of a kind of sour red tea and as I love warm drinks asked her and she said that it is the red tea!

I had no idea where it comes from since last month I went to purchase a new tea in a local store. The sales man introduced me a new tea which was a combination of different aromatic herbs. I suddenly saw the pieces of the “red tea” as same as one I had seen before. It was “Jamaican Rose”. I was so surprised to find out what is that and immediately after coming home started to search about it on internet.

I noticed that It calls ” Hibiscus Tea” , “Flor de Jamaica” (Jamaican Flower) and “Agua de Jamaica” ; The cold drink of this herb is so popular.

All in all, what made me to publish this post is what I found today. These are the fruit of this magic famous tea. I am so excited to have them raw and fresh.







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