Green tea day


Couple of days ago I ran out of green tea.I love green tea and as I noticed which is a rich source of antioxidant, helps to repair the destroyed tissues and also is just a great relaxing drink.
Anyway, I’ve been looking for green tea these days but in Venezuela everything can be disappeared for a long time; so no surprise! from toilet roll to the bread you need for breakfast!
Finally I could find a tiny pack of green tea in a Chinese store that was so expensive! Though it was more than the real price I bought it because I had no choice.
I opened the package as soon ad I got home and made my self a huge mug of my rare expensive green tea.
I love the color and the scent.



6 thoughts on “Green tea day

  1. Tambien tengo esa Vogue con la diva Irina Shayk en la portada!!! 😉 uno de estos dias vamos a comprar té juntas aqui en Caracas… Hay un sítio precioso muy cerca de nosotras 🙂

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