independent fashion designers


I wrote this post on my beauty blog and as I love this topic want to share it here with you.

Accessory is a small art of our look but it takes a huge part of fashion industry; Every year each of us pay a lot to own some chic pieces which go with our outfits, evening dress or just to feel fit around the house. The designers accessories are expensive and there are thousands of the same pieces all over the world. So the position of Independent designers shines and attracts me. I feel good if I wear something unique.

My niece made me this bracelet exactly as same as what I ordered.

The earnings are by another unknown accessory maker in Iran that my sister-in-law bought me a collection of super cute fabric type.

The earning you see below is a souvenir from Mochima (one of the most gorgeous Caribbean beaches in Venezuela).

I bought these handmade bracelets in Caracas.

These are what I bought in Canaima. you can follow my travel to Canaima  here.The black ones are made of Fossil wood that is awesome and the especial crafts from Canaima.












The fantastic following Bracelet and earrings are made of pearl shell (if it is the right word 😉 ) That are other souvenirs from Canaima (Angel Fall tour).








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