2014 wish


I’m so sad. Feelings like being insecure and no way to start and go to the end. We are always moving in a new place.  As a child, because of my dad’s job we lived in different places.  It irritated me so much. I loved my friends and school; neighbors and my room.  I always wished to stay and never change the things. Surprisingly, my life after marriage is the same because of my husband’ s job. In some points it sounds a perfect lifestyle to see several cities and countries; to know more about others, cultures,  learning a new language or even try delicious foods. Nevertheless, what I need most is “to have a permanent home”; no matter if we travel a lot, the matter is I want to have a permanent book shelves, shower, bed and a corner to keep my cute memorable priceless collection of everything. From photos to handmade hats! I am tired of losing my stuff, of leaving them at relatives’ cabinet, of forgetting thousands of details which disappear in terrible unorganized status… :((
Whish to know the last or at least a permanent destination for a while in 2014.


5 thoughts on “2014 wish

  1. Hi Chista,My dad moved us couple of times .When My wife and l immigrated to the USA ,despite my travels,l was determined to give our children a sense of belonging ,we settled in Los Angels suburb and bought a house where our Daughter and son grow up finished college and got married .l hope your wish will come true in 2014.Be blessed and be safe.jalal

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