Venezuelan Miss World


we live here and everyday we go out, are worried about being robbed or murdered! Three of our Iranian friends had been robbed ( Armed) recent year. There are a long rules you should cope with as go out. such as: Not to have much money in cash, Not to resist if any one ask you money or your staff, Not to wear your expensive clothes, Not to speak in your mother tongue loudly, Not to carry big purse or bag pack and more thousand funny and in the same time scary rules.

Everyday we hear the news of someone who is murdered because of twenty dollars or a cell phone… Today, we heard a shocking news : ” Venezuelan ex-beauty queen Monica Spear murdered”.

Miss Worlds are the only pride of Venezuela, when there is no significant technology, industry, Athletes… any thing!

Here is the News




3 thoughts on “Venezuelan Miss World

  1. Sad tragedy.Ruthless thugs are every where in the world .A person ought to be very careful.Be safe and be blessed .(l never leave my wife to go to the mall alone ,here in Los Angeles)Jalal

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