My Beauty Fashion Styling Blog Reveal


Beginning of 2014 is getting more exciting than 2013, because last year I used to do what I was not satisfied with. It caused not by the job itself. Nevertheless, I like to teach but the environment and especially the wage were two crucial factors which bothered me.

After passing this short intro, I want to share something with you all. I have had an all time passion! It is “Styling the things”. Therefore, I ran a blog to write about this best favorite ever! I hope to expand it as an Youtube channel, as well in 2014. I love everything about being a lady thus my blog is “to Be like a Lady“.


To Be Like a Lady

To Be Like a Lady

There is so much to do. I have just blogged one post so far. I am sure it may not be interesting for males 😦 ; as it is basically about skin care products, cosmetic, clothing, DIY beauties, fitness and more. However I hope you all support me in my new born blogging journey. I try to create an easy, useful, helpful, informative source for women who would like to be like a lady.

The address:

Forgotten to say that I try to publish the posts in Spanish and English both.




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