The Parliament Award


The rules of The Parliament Award:

1-Display the award on your site.

2-List a few things that make you a loyal member.

3-Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

4-Nominate at least 5 bloggers whose loyalty and love you value and consider part of your Parliament and Pack, for the award and let them know the news by sending a message on their site.

The five things make me a loyal member:

First of all, the stepping stone to become a loyal member is following and everything can get started from here.

Second one is being responsible to read other’s post. Unfortunately, we use to look at titles, like them and pass! Besides, the reasons of this horrible habit which most important root is our daily dealing with thousands of posts from different pages, friends and various communities on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Flicker, Google and etc, I hate reacting other’s post like this. It is blogging. It is totally different from being in a mad rush just due to keeping up with news. I believe those who blog are deep people.

It doesn’t matter what are you blogging about; the crucial point is that you spend time to post a text, adding photos, editing, interacting with bloggers from different countries, answering the comments,… whole this process will approve  my point of view.

Third, to accept people’s opinions.

fourth, supporting each other.

Nominated list:

I hope you all great achievements in New Year.


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