Sunday way


Today I was enough lucky to start my day with visiting my dear friend who is so inspiring and of course she knows Spanish better than me so I can learn a lot :).

The weather was such a shiny cool and calm day and walking around made me feel alive. The rest of my Sunday is here.



No cooking day


Hey, today was a good day. I started by visiting one of my kind friends and continued by having luch with my husband; shopping, fun, walked my dog, cleaning the apartment and no cooking!


I love doing creative things but cooking has become a part of worries! Every few hours I should think about the next meal and that’s frustrating!
Sometimes I have no more ideas, I kike to sit and cry!  Why there is no more idea for cooking!

Jamaican Rose Tea


One of my friend’s mom who suffered from Cardiovascular disorder always had a full hot pot of a kind of sour red tea and as I love warm drinks asked her and she said that it is the red tea!

I had no idea where it comes from since last month I went to purchase a new tea in a local store. The sales man introduced me a new tea which was a combination of different aromatic herbs. I suddenly saw the pieces of the “red tea” as same as one I had seen before. It was “Jamaican Rose”. I was so surprised to find out what is that and immediately after coming home started to search about it on internet.

I noticed that It calls ” Hibiscus Tea” , “Flor de Jamaica” (Jamaican Flower) and “Agua de Jamaica” ; The cold drink of this herb is so popular.

All in all, what made me to publish this post is what I found today. These are the fruit of this magic famous tea. I am so excited to have them raw and fresh.






Green tea day


Couple of days ago I ran out of green tea.I love green tea and as I noticed which is a rich source of antioxidant, helps to repair the destroyed tissues and also is just a great relaxing drink.
Anyway, I’ve been looking for green tea these days but in Venezuela everything can be disappeared for a long time; so no surprise! from toilet roll to the bread you need for breakfast!
Finally I could find a tiny pack of green tea in a Chinese store that was so expensive! Though it was more than the real price I bought it because I had no choice.
I opened the package as soon ad I got home and made my self a huge mug of my rare expensive green tea.
I love the color and the scent.


independent fashion designers


I wrote this post on my beauty blog and as I love this topic want to share it here with you.

Accessory is a small art of our look but it takes a huge part of fashion industry; Every year each of us pay a lot to own some chic pieces which go with our outfits, evening dress or just to feel fit around the house. The designers accessories are expensive and there are thousands of the same pieces all over the world. So the position of Independent designers shines and attracts me. I feel good if I wear something unique.

My niece made me this bracelet exactly as same as what I ordered.

The earnings are by another unknown accessory maker in Iran that my sister-in-law bought me a collection of super cute fabric type.

The earning you see below is a souvenir from Mochima (one of the most gorgeous Caribbean beaches in Venezuela).

I bought these handmade bracelets in Caracas.

These are what I bought in Canaima. you can follow my travel to Canaima  here.The black ones are made of Fossil wood that is awesome and the especial crafts from Canaima.












The fantastic following Bracelet and earrings are made of pearl shell (if it is the right word 😉 ) That are other souvenirs from Canaima (Angel Fall tour).







Mysterious Tomato


I am obsessed with tropical fruits; I never could imagine that by walking few blocks away I can find this mysterious fruits. The red blood has a secret dark shade in it. I never get tired of these beauties.

You can see other post I wrote about it before here.

today salad

today salad