Angel Fall#4


First day of our package was visiting the Sapo waterfall. Sapo in Spanish means  “Frog”! we had a journey across the pond by Indian boats was located in front of our camp; after about 20 minutes or less we reached to our walking path. Passing through a pain with different insects and weird black dust and soil we arrived to our destination. A vast area covered by a river and falls like stairs going down… the first fall which we were allowed to go under that and enjoy the purity and high pressure of its water was about one meter and half lower the land height we were walking on.


1. In some parts we had to walk by plastic slippers and when we arrived near the fall we had to wear the socks. I really haven’t understands how the socks can prevent falling down; but it was the techniques our tour guide thought us.

2. In whole our journey we were recommended to apply replant creams to be safe from insects.

About 10 meters before catching the fall and also all ground around it was covered by extremely slippy rocks.

The photos about this part were captured by one of my friends, so I haven’t them now. I will post the later


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