Please, help.


I would rather to talk to someone who can help me and present me a solution for those I couldn’t do of my bucket list. I feel sad, angry, regretful because of my empty spaces in my life.& I’m not talking about dream ones; it’s about the essential issues; I have seen a group of people who follow my blog although I never thought about even ten people who being interested in the reading what I post especially for the English grammar errors; so when the fact is different from my thought I would rather to hear from you guys to tell wether you know any magic or non magic ways to fill the gaps in the bucket list. It is officially a help request which I necessarily need.


3 thoughts on “Please, help.

  1. Hi Chista ,just express yourself ,you are doing fine l enjoy your posts and the way you express yourself..You connect with others by your message .Have a beautiful and bright new 2014.jalal

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