Angel fall#2


Monday morning at 3:00 we woke and grabed our stuff; meet our friends as we arranged before and went to the airport. As for going to the Angel fall there is no direct flight first from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz then catch a connecting flight to Canaima.

We arrived at the airport about 4:30 am, passing security checking( it was odd that no one was stopped by officer although the security checking gate alarmed) plus getting the boarding passes. We were supposed to be in Canaima almost 12 up to 12:30 pm and having our first tour to Sapo fall countinuing by Tuesday morning at 4:00am and after three hours journey by boat to the Angel fall.

No matter how much we were impatient and excited because before 6:30am which was our flight time” conviasa” ( the airline we flied by) announced that because of weather condition the flight is delayed! However what suprresed our excitement was not delay.

when we had gone few meters away from the gate to have a cup of coffee with our boarding passes in hands, all other passengers were boarded the gate was closed and we missed the flight.

let me make it clear; i’ve never seen before those who missed their flight with boarding passes in hands and being in the right gatehouse. However nothing is impossible im Venezuela!

when we went to the gate the weird lady who was im charge told us that she cannot call the flight crew because the doors are closed. It was extremly annoying to see the plan other side of window with closed doors and not being able to get there.

who made the final calls and announced our names as it is done in case passengers are not showed up in the boarding time?!! No one .

a group of eight people tried to convince the lady if she would call the cabin crew and flight deck crew and we biard before takeoff but she refused to do that.

You must catch the 12:30 pm flight! She said as there was no sign if sence on her face.

seriously??  U

our baggage; literally everything were flying to Canaima and would be arrived there at 11:00 am! We answered.

No one called us! it was announced once only that it is time for boarding and after 10 minutes. It didn’t work either.

discussion together, running to the other airline personnel and hours of waiting and reviewing what surprisingly had occurred simply and in a silly way, finally lead us to a horrible flight at 1:00pm to the Puerto Ordaz.

The unexpected exceeded expenses such as different flights, meals, losing the track of arranged tours, staying one more night in an awful motel to catching another connection flight to our destination and extending one more day of the Canaima tour to compensate our absence caused being exhausted and angry at motel.

The motel

The motel

It is me. tired but looking around for beautiful things

Stairs seem cute

downward view

upstairs corridor

what I saw from Puerto Ordaz

My love

somebody says it is a sad view but it is the reality of Latin America. I found something special in this view which is impossible to describe it by words.

the horrible rooms


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