Tree Tomato/ Wild Tomato


As this country is a wonderful collection of new things, I found this beautiful yummy bloody tomato and no doubt to buy. But I must admit that I did not know that it is a kind if tomato because in the grocery store it was labeled as a local name that I can’t remember and other information which had been given, was the type of taste; ” Dulce” means sweet!!!!! and surprisingly it was sour. I love this taste since I was a kid and finding sour tasted yummy is a big deal here in Venezuela. They have everything in sweet taste. Like very very sweet.

I bought four

by the way, One my husband’s friends who has been living here for years told me it is a kind of tomato and when I searched I read something about it which you can follow the these links:


personal experience 

other one

I found out that it is from the potato family (I have no idea, it is just based on my surfing on internet); which in many countries is cultivated. The tree of this tomato can be up to almost 5 meters.

love this cute feature

look at the blood 🙂



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