From Iran


As you  know, I traveled to Iran, and obviously everyone who goes to home will bring a lot of things which is hard to find and of course will be reducing home-sickness.

First of all, I was presented by  Lahijan Spring tea from one of my relatives; I honestly can say it is the best quality in Black tea you have ever tasted. I love it. For evenings that I am sitting at the desk and doing homework or looking for a brilliant ideas to post, when I am sad this pot full of tea accompanies me, while I am so happy and need something to drink for celebrating my happiness; in the mornings when it is hard to get up a mug of tea is a great motivation for getting up.. In any occasion it could be the best and more suitable solution.

my pot full of tea

Of course it is shape of my heart

How black this is.

These following pictures are for your information and from the Internet not by myself:

tea field

green leaves


Fall is here


Another aspect about the tropical climate that I love is how the seasons change; Fall is here all as same as other parts of the Earth however we have a wide range of oppositions.

Look at the photos! you see that all the leaves are turning into the yellow color and every where is covered by. As well we should have air conditioner on because the temperature is 32  and it is a right temperature for tanning. This dimension is enough fantastic to be happy even if you miss a real Fall climate and of course to me it is more obvious because seasons are completely different in Iran. The Falls are with rain and cold wind, the  heaters, fireplaces and radiators must be on, warm clothes are necessary and etc.

Nevertheless, what I am experiencing here is full of joy.

And compare these photos with the other ones I took few month ago to clarify how yellow they are now.

                                                                                                             HAPPY FALL

it is like the end


I just can’t believe today is 14th of October and just two and half month is left. When I look at the month have passed and feel I totally wasted the time. I mean there is no remarkable achievement in my life.