Getting back to the normal life


Part1: Finally, I got back here to Caracas and started living as usual however I feel happier; Honestly, the trip was such an intensive, many people to visit, families, friend of mine and my husband therefore it could not be what was expected. my blog life has stopped during , because in Iran the wordpress is censored which is needed to use vpn or other staff to update status in addition to the really low internet speed.

Part2: I feel much better now; i mean less sorrow.

Part3:  These are what I am doing these days:

a.Two books to finish one in Persian by SharParsipurnush and the other one in English ” About a girl” by “Lindsey kelk“.

b. Reviewing the drawing techniques and skills from the first.

c. to register a one year course ( we are figuring out which).

d. preparing for my husband’s birthday.


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