Fit Day 2


I could not report my fit days because I’ve been such a busy recently especially for gathering appropriate image and videos related to each step. So sorry.

Tuesday; (Lower Body); (two weeks ago)

Squat 3*(8-12)

you can do it in different ways depends on your ability and skill. As you see below it is the first type you can try.

by this photo toy can see the muscles work


and cycle is like the next


Stiff leg Dead lift 3*(8-12):

you can do it with barbell and also with dumbbell

this video show you how to do it with dumbbell:

And this one is Barbell:–rAE

 Leg Extension 3*(8-12):


the muscles work

if you don’t access to leg extension machine you can do it with dumbbell

Leg Curl 3*(8-12):

Standing calf raise 3*(8-12)

with machine :


By watching this video you can do it at home or any other place without machine:


Laying leg raise 3*(8-12)

these photos will show you more And don’t forget dumbbells

Swiss Ball  Crunch 3*(8-12)



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