Fit Day1


Today was the first practical fitness training day. 60 minutes before going to the gym, I ate a whole dish of Carbs ( 4 boiled potato,  Green Lentils ( because of Iron ), a little of rice, green shake is come up of spinach and banana. And 30 minutes before the gym a standard glass of whey protein.

First day started with Upper Body:

1.Warm up 10 minutes

2.Bench Press 3*12 ( you can see here how to do it)

Chest Fly 3*12

3.Bent Over row 3*12

you can see here

4.DB shoulder press 3*12

By this video you can learn and do it properly

5.Lying triceps Extension 3*12

Like this

6.Barbell or DB curl 3*12

this one 

7.( Ab exercise : 20 minutes)

8.Cool down

I really enjoyed.

and after exercises when i got home, I ate 6 mushrooms as a protein meal. And the good point of the mushroom is that it is not necessary to eat non-veg protein.

I am so happy and proud of myself.


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