Rules to do a Jigsaw puzzle #1


It is another one that I have been doing with a huge enthusiasm. Doing the  jigsaw puzzle is not easy however I believe it is not too hard to do but there are some rules which you wouldn’t win unless by following them.

– The First One:

Any jigsaw puzzle contains four main unique pieces with only two  knobs (tabs, outie, innie) side. As you know the knob, tab, outie or innie refers to:

With Only two knobs side:

pieces of my new jigsaw

These four pieces are those unique and easy to find parts you can look for at the beginning of doing the puzzle and keep them apart.

-The Next Step:

Finding those pieces with three tabs and one side flat, which in fact are different section of  puzzle border.

-The Third Step:

Actually, I do this stage at the initial seconds after opening the box, but here I mention it as no3 to show you a clear view of diversity in type of pieces.

Collecting pieces based on color in separate dishes. I bought some paper and plastic dishes in two size (big and small). try to find something in common when you are winnowing.

  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

The Fourth Step:

Have a cardboard according the size of your puzzle.

The Fifth Step:

your kitchen table can be a good place to start. but if you have more space at your home create a specific area to start with. Keep in mind this is just the beginning. As you see you should fit the one side tabs and two side tabs in order to shape the first main figure of your jigsaw.


The Sixth Step:

You should try to find more similar pieces. It means get back to your dishes and do the winnowing again because you will probably make more exact groups of parts based on colors, figures, numbers and any tiny member in the main image of your puzzle. after having more exact groups you can fit some of them; you can try, do, do again. Don’t worry if you make mistake. In my opinion, one of the most important skills you would gain is not to be scared of making mistake s, it is not a competition. it’s a time to refresh and try your different ideas. For example: you can do on a smaller cardboard and then transfer it on the main one.



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