This is the finished version of the last puzzle I posted. Actually, it was done about few days after  the Puzzle Post


Morrocoy National Park; Nacional Parque Morrocoy


This post contains some photos of our three days trip to Morrocoy which is 4 up to 5 hours away from Caracas. There are many small islands that is called “Cayo” in Spanish. The two of them we had opportunity to see were: “Cayo Sombrero” that I love it more than the second one: ” Boca Seca”. Because the Sombrero was more private, less people there, having a perfect lunch (Pargo dish)

Iran & two victories


Iran confirmed its participation in the 2014 football world cup!

It is so cool and that is why we are really happy. The people are celebrating in all cities. My brother called me few minutes ago and told me they are on the beach; dancing, playing music and having fantastic moments after many years.

This week was one of most joyful weeks for Iranian because of the left wing ‘s victory in presidential election and now football world cup.



Hey guys. one of my favorites is being busy by doing puzzle; however I am not that professional in that but it is really cool to find the appropriate organization among pieces.


Having more fresh fruits as some ready home-made small packs or drinks can help us to stay more healthy and what is a good point of living in tropical climate is : ” fantastic fruits with low prices”; For example: A Pineapple  for 9Bfs. It is so cool.

Let me show you a part of my grocery shopping and delicious, healthy and yummy.

Like Star


I am so amazed by many aspects and objects in tropical environment. This cute, lovely fruit is another one of fantastic result of the climate in here