Sun Cirque


I was so excited. I wish I could stay there for hours and hours to stare and sink in what I was watching on 12th of May, 2013 in Caracas. I had waited for years to see one of the Sun circus  (Cirques de Soleil)‘s show since I was about 15 or 16 years old; a teenage student in Theater course and after two years one of my English language course classmate who had got back from England showed us a film which had captured illegally through the show in London; it was a video with low quality and rapid movements that made it more difficult to understand what is going on; but I tried to memorize all.

And, after all these years on 12th of May I could being successful to go to Sun Circus ( Cirque de Soleil) show.  I can describe that, I am not able to explain the beauty of performances. I can not say anything how much they are expert and professional. I just hope you all have the chance to see Sun Cirque.

the tickets

the tickets


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