GQ, May 2013 & Sad Story


I love fashion, it is a reality inseparable from my life but there is another part of this fantastic industry: ” What can make something as a fashion trend, what can make a person as a considerable model?

I have been still doubtful, I ask myself  how a director choose some of these skinny, ugly, and arid women as sexy models? Every single month we fashion lovers around the world wait to buy the new issue; while we are turning over the new volume willingly, we have to endure those mentioned like models as same as what we faced in May on cover of GQ.

GQI really have no idea why they are attracted by such these kind of features. If you look at her body carefully, you will notice the horrible spots on her hands, arms and breast; obvious nub part of her stomach and stereotype place! I have a huge amount of questions that I tell few of them here : Is she really attractive to men? How far is her beauty? How is she chosen and by who? Based on which criterion?

It could be more tolerable if  the photographer had given her a new creative impressive position. We can make extraordinary photo shoots by a bit difference! millions of photos shoot everyday; The actors and actresses, champions, dancers and so on beside it is so easy to find greatest common and repeated poses among them. Surprisingly, even professional directors do not distinguish how harmful could it be for their business and the future of fashion industry. The audiences, readers, fans and followers can memorize repeated and boring poses, make up styles and further more the press which has published them.

However, there is other side too which is dark one. I wonder if the readers and followers can recognize whole same endless photos; what are going to substitute are the Models, the Women. I brought up this blind side in addition the above said thought because I guess it may cause by the lacking of people understanding – the people who are the main audiences of fashion press. I guess It occur because the directors and analysts have found out people’s inattention and incuriosity. Their inattention because of shortage of any reaction against low quality of what the fashion industry leaders feed us by; and incuriosity of looking forward real infrequent styles! we are satisfied by all of them and any of them; I mean we do not ask for uncommon models.

Although, there is a significant reason that I would like to name it as an answer to my idea; So let’s make it clear:

“Why are we incurious about new aspects, for something different?

– Because we ordinary citizens are not those who can suggest, offer, order and ask the new modes and styles. Some powerful ones draw, design , sew and produce in wide numbers plus they send the smart and gorgeous samples to celebrities, the celebrities accept, put on and show off. thus could you tell me who is determiner? Designers and celebrities! Where is the position of  the normal people? At the end, in shops and try rooms.

They would not succeed even they need something new and different, because they are not a celebrity who order his/her desirable characteristics and they are not a designer to be able to produce. we ebb to an absolute consumer and imitator.


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