I am empty. I am out of any


I am empty. I am out of any possible motivation to post and show my new photos; I ask myself why? and then I think about by what kind of energy, motivation or reason to force me go ahead? 



It does not matter if no one cares that I am so sad and confused; if i feel nothing especial, if i can not forget what happened to me…

what I need is something invisible which is called happiness.

Sun Cirque


I was so excited. I wish I could stay there for hours and hours to stare and sink in what I was watching on 12th of May, 2013 in Caracas. I had waited for years to see one of the Sun circus  (Cirques de Soleil)‘s show since I was about 15 or 16 years old; a teenage student in Theater course and after two years one of my English language course classmate who had got back from England showed us a film which had captured illegally through the show in London; it was a video with low quality and rapid movements that made it more difficult to understand what is going on; but I tried to memorize all.

And, after all these years on 12th of May I could being successful to go to Sun Circus ( Cirque de Soleil) show.  I can describe that, I am not able to explain the beauty of performances. I can not say anything how much they are expert and professional. I just hope you all have the chance to see Sun Cirque.

the tickets

the tickets

Absence’s reasons


I am going to explain why I have not been here for few days. I was busy by doing a puzzle about 1000 pieces and some chores; additionally, my new Spanish semester has just started and I have huge amount of homework to do.

I had some complications with the puzzle within doing that because once my dog scratched it and %70 of progress ruined! I have no idea why she did. I want you look at what she did with my puzzle. I also lost two pieces.

Caracas # 1 Francisco de Miranda Parque;(National Park)


This park as same as many other parks around the world has had different names through the years; at the beginning it was called “Romulo Gallegos” in 1983 and then changed into “Romulo Betancourt” and finally renamed as Park Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda” in 2002. However, I have heard Del Este title too.

It is the most huge park in Caracas and about 82 hectares. It is covered by various types of pants such as Cactus, Erythrina, Mango and some many others that I don’t know the names. I am going to post some photos of the park in several parts.