Saturday lunch


I stuffed the fish by cooked mixtureIt was so long that I have not eaten an especial plate of fish; It is really especial because the way I mean is what people use to do in south of Iran, in Khuzestan.

Today I bought a bunch of fresh coriander, two Pargo fish ( It is called in Venezuela), Mint additionally I had some dried Fenugreek, onion and garlic. There was just a part missed “The Tamarind”. However my husband had told me that one of  his colleagues could have found it in a supermarket. So I asked the address and bought.

Pargo fish is called in Persian by locals in south something like ” Sorkhu”, which is meant “Reddish”  because the type of that you can find in south of Iran has red skin but today the fishmonger showed me three types and said that there are three kind of Pargo, therefore I decided to buy one of the new kinds that I have never tried.

I chopped all and mixed them, added some pepper, salt and curry



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